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The Great Oaks Federation


Welcome to The Great Oaks Federation of Schools.


On behalf of the Staff, Governors and Pupils, I would like to thank you for your interest in The Great Oaks Federation and our two fantastic schools. I hope you enjoy your visit to our website and discovering the most up to date news, events and school information from across the federation.


We are very proud of our federation and we strive every day to offer our children a well-rounded education that sees the children reach their academic potential but also gives them an opportunity to shine in many other ways. We place great importance on preparing our children to be active members of society, to have a passion for learning new things and to care for the people and world around them.


As a strong federation we are able to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to learn and play with children from outside of their own school as well as taking part in activities and events happening in their local area and beyond. The federation also enables our staff access to a wide range of resources and the very latest professional development meaning that they can continue to be innovative and creative for the benefit of all our children.


Our schools are extremely well-resourced and offer the children an exciting and engaging curriculum with a wide range of experiences, school visits and special events. We pride ourselves on our engagement with families and the school community so ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for parents, families and friends to visit school and enjoy the children’s successes throughout the school year.


We also pride ourselves on our involvement with others schools and professionals and appreciate the huge benefits that come from working collaboratively. We are engaged in a number of exciting county-wide projects as well as developing a strong local cluster of schools beyond the federation to provide mutual support and challenge.


Once again I hope you enjoy reading about and possibly visiting the schools within The Great Oaks Federation and I look forward to meeting you in the very near future.


Best Wishes

Gavin Booth- Executive Headteacher