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Peer Review

The Great Oaks Federation works with a cluster of local schools to undertake Peer Review. The review is a supportive process aimed at providing the leadership of the school with an external view of their provision. Our local cluster contains: Boston West Academy, Tower Road Academy, Sibsey Primary, Spilsby Primary Academy, Gipsey Bridge Academy.


Peer Review Process


Overall aim: Through collaboration, to see real impact on key school priorities via the process of peer review.


There will be one named lead school and one named support school per review.


Prior to review:


  • Agree which kind of review is it going to be:
    • overall look at standards in the school
    • a single line of enquiry driven by the headteacher of the reviewed school
    • SDP review – external pair of eyes to validate judgements
    • Reviewed school to share agreed data / context with lead reviewer two weeks before the review
    • Agree range of review activities, time scales and number of reviewers needed

After the review:


  • Peer review workshop will take place two weeks after the review.
  • Workshop focus agreed between both parties.


Impact visit:


  • To take place 6 months after review involving lead school and reviewed school