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LEAP Project

Great Oaks is delighted to participate and contribute to the LEAP Project. Boston St Thomas' has been chosen to be part of the project and is looking forward to benefitting from the training and Wyberton Head of School & LLE-Ms Paul is supporting two other local schools on their journey through this innovative project.


What is LEAP?


The LEAP (Lincolnshire English Attainment Project) initiative is fully funded support for Lincolnshire primary schools following a successful DfE bid in July 2017.


The aim of the support for schools invited to join the project is to deliver strategies and options to help reduce the attainment gap for disadvantaged and vulnerable children


The project is coordinated and offered by 5 Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliances, working together to share expertise, resources and leadership for the benefit of our county’s children, teachers and schools.


The programme will run from November 2017 to May 2019. Support will be offered through a bespoke package of support, training and coaching ensuring that impact is real and sustainable. 


Each school participating in the project will be allocated a named LLE, who will be designated to one of the participating Teaching School Alliances.  The LLE will be a direct line of contact between the school, the TSA and the SLEs involved in supporting the school.


The exact support package will be designed and made bespoke to individual schools following the professional dialogue between the LLE and HT as part of the ‘Deep Dive’ analysis process and will be relayed in the school’s LEAP Action Plan. LEAP is funded by a DfE grant and schools will not be asked to contribute to costs or pay a fee for these activities.