Year 1 rescheduled parent/teacher meetings will take place on Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th March between 3:20 - 5:30pm.  Please sign up on the timetable outside the classroom before or after school or phone the school to arrange an appointment.

25 June 2018
Careers Week

There will be lots of exciting activities in and out of school this week.

28 June 2018
Little Oaks parent's meetings

Little Oaks parents are invited to meet with their child's Key Worker today from 1:00-4:00pm

29 June 2018
KS1 Children's Disco

The Key Stage One disco will be from 5:15 - 6:15 today

29 June 2018
KS2 Disco

The Key Stage Two disco will be from 6:30 - 7:30 today

02 July 2018
Y6 Transition Week to secondary schools

06 July 2018
Reception Class Assembly

Parents of Reception Class children are invited to see their class assembly from 9:00am

06 July 2018
End of Year Reports home

11 July 2018
Year Six afternoon performance to parents

The afternoon performance to parents will be at 1:30pm

12 July 2018
Year Six evening performance to parents

The evening performace to parents will be at 6:00pm

12 July 2018
Transition 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon

All children will spend the afternoon with their new teacher from September.

19 July 2018
Little Oaks Graduation

20 July 2018
Year Six Leaver's Assembly

Parents of our year six children are invited to attend their Leaver's Assembly from 11:00am

20 July 2018
End of Year Community Picnic

Parents and Carers are invited to join us for our annual Community Summer Picnic from 12:00 noon.

20 July 2018
End of Term Six

Children may be collected by a known adult from 2:00pm today