13/07/2018   Reception Raises 191 for WaterAid!

A drawing of an African village before WaterAid helps themThis term the children have been learning about Africa. They noticed that there are adverts on the TV about people in Africa having to drink dirty water and were curious about why this was. We looked at the work of the charity WaterAid to help the children to understand that this is the only source of water that some people in Africa have. The children were keen to raise money for WaterAid so that they can help to bring clean water to more people who need it. We spent careers week being WaterAid workers! We sold mud hut cakes, sold our Tinga artwork and even went for a walk for one mile to better understand what some African children and adults have to go through just to get dirty water. We took a collection bucket with us.

We managed to raise £191 for WaterAid!

The team at WaterAid were really pleased and very impressed that such young children could achieve so much in one week.A drawing of an African village after WaterAid helps them