Who's Who

Executive Headteacher
Mr Booth

Head of School Mrs Paul    

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs Hodgson

Mr Hawkins

(maternity leave)


  Teacher Teaching Assistant  
Reception Mrs Taylor

Mrs Young
Miss Sampson

Year 1

Miss Hinch

Mrs Booth  
Year 2

Miss Anstey

Mrs Maw

Year 3 Mrs Davies Miss Roberts  
Year 4

Mr Shortland

Mrs Wilson

Year 5 Mr Hawkins Mrs Duncan  
Year 6

Miss Lineker

Mrs Pepperdine
Miss Sampson


Little Oaks Nursery

Alli, Chelsea and Lucy


Learning Mentors

Mrs Riglin
Mrs Gash


School Business Manager

Mrs Hawkesworth     


Mrs Brown 

Site Manager Mr Lilley    
Midday Supervisors

Mrs Booth
Miss Sampson
Miss Pepperdine
Miss Thorold
Miss Powell
Miss Dunn
Miss Scarboro