Squirrels (Year 5)

Welcome to the amazing Squirrels Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Hawkins and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Duncan.

This term our topic is: Ancient Greece.

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Travelling by Tuba

We were delighted by our visit from Travelling by Tuba today. The musical extravaganza was truly incredibly - we enjoyed every moment!

Publishing our reports

To finish our non-chronological reports genre, we spent time publishing the children's fantastic writing. Look at these masterpieces! The rest are displayed in our classroom, so please take a look.

The Royal Wedding

Today we celebrated the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th May between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We designed and created our own ceramic tiles (thanks to Pots of Fun), before investigating and developing a royal family timeline. We learnt excellent facts about the Royal Family and how to create a family tree.

Air Resistance

We have been exploring the force of air resistance in Science today. We planned and then created different parachutes, using a range of materials. We ensured that some variables were kept the same (i.e. the size of the material) to create a fair test. We were surprised by the results - especially how effective the carrier bag material was!

Fractions Treasure Hunt

Our learning took us outside today for a fractions treasure hunt, where we had to apply our understanding of converting, adding and multiplying fractions. The questions were very challenging, but the Squirrels rose to the challenge! Well done.