Squirrels (Year 5)

Welcome to the amazing Squirrels Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Hawkins and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Duncan.

This term our topic is: Ancient Greece.

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Ancient Greek myths

Our English learning this week has started brilliantly, focusing on Ancient Greek myths. We listened to different examples, read a variety of myths and made notes of our observations of the features. Some of the children were already experts on different myths and they were able to draw upon their prior reading - well done!

Year 5 Wow Day

To conclude our last topic of Space and to introduce our new topic of Ancient Greece, we had a federation Year 5 Wow Day today. We explored Ancient Greek philosophers and their beliefs of space, studied constellations and enjoyed a visit from the Planetarium. Well done, Squirrels - you asked brilliant questions, applied your understanding superbly and had an excellent day with the children from St Thomas'.

Ancient Greece - Going for Glory

Welcome to Term 5 in the Squirrel Class! Our new topic is Ancient Greece and here is our new classroom display. You might be able to spot some of the fantastic work already by the Year 5 children, focusing on Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and mythical beasts. 

World Book Day Fun!

Year Five have been celebrating the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and have enjoyed seeing their cloakroom transform into a land of hobbits, elves and wizards inspired by ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ books. The children explored some of the characters from the author’s books and drew them so they could be part of the landscape. 




One of our World Book Day activities was shared reading with Year One.

How many J.R.R Tolkein and Julia Donaldson characters can you spot reading together?

Snowy Poetry

Taking inspiration from the recent weather, some members of the Squirrel class have been writing some snowy poetry in their free time! What great commitment to achieve.

We hope you enjoy some of their poems:

Snow so white,

Brighter than my light.

Snow so soft,

Should I keep it in my loft.

Snow so cold,

The flowers won’t unfold.

By Alex

Snow glows bright,

It nearly blinds the night.

Higher than ever,

It floats through the sky.

The flakes glisten.

I love the snow,

So white and bright.

By Sophie

Snow is fragile; snow is white,

Snow is coming, what a sight!

Fields with blankets wrapped up in bed,

It also covers tops of sheds!

It delicately floats from up above,

It’s so cold remember to wear gloves.

It doesn’t often come,

But its lots of fun!


I drizzle down from the sky,

And wonder why.

Why can’t I be a snowflake like my friends?

But then life would have to end.

Now I understand,

I may not glow and I might not be grand,

But I love to be me.

By Charlotte