Squirrels (Year 5)

Welcome to the amazing Squirrel Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Hawkins and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Duncan.

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Year 5 Parent Event - Topic showcase

Today we were joined in class by lots of parents, who came to celebrate our wonderful learning this term. We spent time sharing our out of this world homework projects as well as our Topic books! We were so proud to do this and showcase our learning. Thank you so much to the parents who were able to attend today for your support.

Year 5 Homework Projects

We are incredibly proud of the effort which the Squirrel class have put into their homework projects this term. We can’t wait to celebrate all of the hard work and learning with parents on Wednesday afternoon at 2:50pm - please pop by!

Race to Space display

Have a look at our Race to Space display in the hall - it contains elements of all of your learning this term. This includes Topic, Computing, Science, English and Art. We have made fantastic progress in this theme, applying it into all of our learning. Thank you to Mrs Duncan for helping to create the display: it looks amazing!


The Squirrel class were introduced to Kahoot! today, helping to retrieve our learning from last week. We focused on retrieval in our Topic lessons, ensuring that we remembered that the Earth orbits the Sun.

Science in Action

We have been loving our Science learning this week, exploring how the Earth rotates as it orbits the Sun. We investigated how our shadows change length throughout the day, before replicating this with a Lego figure, a torch and a table tennis ball! Our misconception of how "the Sun goes around the Earth" has been solved - we now know that this isn't true!

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