Owls (Year 1)

Welcome to the Owls Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Hinch and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Booth.

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Christingle Fun

Today the children made some fabulous Christingles. We discussed what a Christingle is and why Christians might make them and the children now know what each part of the Christingle represents. 

Missing 3d shapes

This week in maths we have been looking at 3d shapes. The children have explored different 3d shapes, naming them and sorting them into different groups according to their own criteria. On Thursday our 3d shapes were stolen from our classroom so the children made posters describing the shapes and their propertise. Today we still have had no luck finding them so the children have loved making 3d shape robots. Each pair was given a set of clues which described the shapes they needed to use to build their robot. 

The Christmas Story

Today we looked at what is Christmas. We began at looking at why we celebrate Christmas and when is it that we celebrate it. We read the Christmas story and began to look at how Jesus was born. Owls then had a go at acting out the Christmas story. The children loved acting out the story and even those who didn't take part in the acting out loved helping retell the story.

Star of the week

This weeks star of the week went to all of the Year 1 for their performance of their acrostic peom. Our focus this week in English has been poetry. We have looked at the features of an acrostic poem, which we then went on to learn and perform. All of the year owls have worked really hard over the last week and this showed with their performance. Very proud of them all! 

Term 2

Welcome back! This term our topic is Autumn, the children will be really getting involved in nature and exploring the amazing autumn season. 



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