Owls (Year 1)

Welcome to the Owls Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Hinch and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Booth.

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Foods from around the world!

Today was our parent engagement. It was such a lovely morning and all of the children really enjoyed themselves. As part of our topic this term we have been looking at the different countries in the world and different foods that originated in these countries. Each child chose a different country and brought in a piece of food alongside a drawn picture of their countries flag.

Huge thank you for everyone that was invloved and i hope you enjoyed it as much as Owl class did. 

A day all about books!

Today was world book day!

In Owl class we have loved spending a whole day dedicated to reading and  reading for pleasure. Everyone came dressed as their favourite book character and it was so much fun listening to everyone share the reason they picked that character. 

We started the day with a scavenger hunt - The children were given a list of characters and emotions that they needed to find in a selction of books. They could either find a picture, a word or both.

The children then wrote a character description about the character they came dressed up as and why they liked that character.

In the afternoon the children were able to choose a book they wanted to listen to and then they wrote a book review about the book. 

NEW TOPIC - The Blue Planet

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely half term. 

This term in Owls our new topic is 'The Blue Planet'. 

This term we will be combining art, science and geography to look at our wonderful planet. The children will be learning how to use an atlas to name and label the different countries in the UK. We will also look at the different continents and oceans across Earth and compare countries in lots of differnet ways. 

We will be getting creative as the children plan and create their very own planet and even try lots of different foods from around the world. 

We will also be hoping to end the term with a lovely trip to Skegness aquarium. 

Competition time!

A little friendly competition as Owls work in groups to label the different countries of the Uk, match the countries flags to the correct country and name the surrounding oceans. 

3..2..1.. BLAST OFF!!!

What an amazing event! Today the children with their help of their parents made their own rockets out of a variety of material and junk objects. We then had a competition to see whose rocket travelled the furthest. Well done to Miley and Lewis whose rocket travelled the furthest and also sapphire who won best design. A massive thank you for everyone that came to the event and took part, the children were so excited and loved every minute. What a great way to end our 'man on the Moon' topic!

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