Owls (Year 1)

Welcome to the Owls Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Roberts and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Booth.

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Owls Class Learn all About Looking After Their Teeth

On Friday the Owls Class had a visit from a local dentist. The dentist told us lots of useful and important information about how to look after our teeth. We know that we must brush our teeth twice a day (the one before bedtime is particularly important) and that we must not have too many sugary foods and drinks as these could make our teeth go bad. She showed us how dentists check our teeth with a special mirror. She also showed us the best way to brush our teeth (in circles on the front of our teeth and up and down on the back of our teeth). All the children listened really carefully and were given an information pack to take home that included a sticker and a tube of their own toothpaste. 

Thankyou to Kai for the demonstrations and to Kai's mum for arranging the visit and leading the talk. 


Making Animal Homes

 This morning we have been out in the sunshine making homes for animals. We soon realised that the animals would need something comfy to lay on (we used leaves) and something to protect them from the wind and rain that wouldn't get blown away. Have a look at some that we made. Do you think the animals would survive in them?

A Busy term for the Owls

We have been very busy since Christmas in the Owls Class. As part of our topic'To Infinity and Beyond' we have been investigating old and new toys and talking about our favourites.

Here are Kai and Harley showing us their favourite toy after they had talked all about them.

We have used 'Toy Story' to help us to add -ed to verbs. we watched the opening scenes of the first film and described all the things the toys were doing.They roared, jumped, pulled, pushed and even kissed! Why don't you watch it yourself and see if their are any other verbs you can see (don't forget to add -ed)

Welcome to Owl Class

Celebrating Wyberton's 60th Birthday

We had a wonderful day celebrating the school's birthday by going back in time and spending the day as children from 1957. We wore clothes appropriate for the day and carried out activities as we would have done back then. We sat in rows and had to stand up everytime an adult came in the room. We learnt a poem by heart and recited it to guests at a special assembly. In the afternoon we had a super time learning some maypole dancing!

Sleeping Beauty Pantomime

Reception and Key Stage One were treated to their Christmas pantomime today: Sleeping Beauty. The whole performance was spectacular and loved by all of the children, with the singing being our particular highlight. We are certainly in the mood for Christmas now!

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