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The Little Oaks Nursery staff are Chelsea, Stacey and Alli.

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Careers Week - Nurse


During Careers Week the children had a visit from a Nurse called Debbie! The children prepared questions and turned the role play area into a Hospital. 




The children learnt how to use a stephoscope, they had lots of practice with each other and even on themselves. 



Debbie explained to the children how important it is to wash our hands. The children had lots of fun pracitising to wash their hands.


This term we have had been reading the "Supertato" collection.

Supertato cover

Fresh Drop Ltd very kindly donated a box of vegetables to support our learning.

Vegetable box

All of the children took part in various activites based around Supertato and vegetables. First we made our very own Supertato!


We used the carrots to write different letters that we have been learning in our phonics session.

Writing with carrots

Nursery were very concerned when they realised the Evil Peas had escaped from the freezer! They received a letter from the Evil Pea explaining they had frozen the vegetables. The children thought of different ways to rescue them! “Defrost them” explained Elsie. 

Evil pea escapes

The children represented themselves using the vegetables, we weighed the vegetables to determine which vegetables were heavier or lighter. 

Vegetable faces

To finish off the topic we made vegetable soup! We also explored what food potatoes turn into, we enjoyed tasting these!




Under the Sea

Our focus this term is: Under the Sea. Nursey have enjoyed listening to some under water themed books and have shown great curiosity to investigate further. We have watched videos of different sea creatures, to learn what they look like and what they do.  The children got very creative as they crafted and painted their own jellyfish sea creatures. They look lovely up on our display!


Amazing Artists in Nursery

In Nursery, we have been using our art skills to create our Christmas hoop. Here it is in our school hall:

Black History Month

We took part in Black History Month by learning all about how we are different to each other. We shared what we noticed about ourselves and created our art work. Here it is in the hall, displayed proudly with Reception's work:

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