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The Little Oaks Nursery staff are Alli, Chelsea and Lucy.

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The Ugly Duckling


During this week, we have been reading 'The Ugly Duckling'. We have focused our learning around feelings, what makes us feel certain ways and how we can make people feel happy. The children had lots of fun hunting for eggs, which had different shapes on; they had to match them to the corresponding egg box.

All About China


This week we have learnt about China. We created the flag in a variety of ways including paint, tissue paper and crayons. We celebrated Chinese New Year and enjoyed tasting the different food. The children were very interested in the Chinese numbers so we had a go at writing these ourselves.

ChineseChinese Numbers

Spectacular Science

VolcanoSkittlesFood colouring

Walking Water


WOW! The children have taken part in two experiments each day and they have loved it. Each experiment the children predicted what they thought was going to happen and then described what happened once they had taken part in the experiment. All children have demonstrated excellent concentration skilsl and fantastic language skills throughout the week.

Jack and the Beanstalk



This week we have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We have had so much fun retelling the story, building castles and even planting our own magic beans! We can't wait to see if they grow into a beanstalk. During freeplay the children have focused their own choices around Jack and the Beanstalk, Logan recreated the beanstalk, magic beans and golden coins.

Winter Week


We have been hoping for the snow to fall during our topic of Winter but it didn't so we had to create our own snow experiences. We have been busy investigating how we melt ice and what it turns into once melted. We used the flour to create marks with some children writing letters too! The children practised putting on items of clothing they need in Winter discussing cold and hot weather.

Melting IceMark making in flour

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