Welcome to the Kingfishers Class

(Year 2)


The Class Teacher is Miss Anstey and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Maw.

Our theme for the Springterm is 'Pole to Pole'.We will be learning all about polar explorers including Ernest Shackleton.

Our question for the term is 'What can we learn from the way that Shackleton faced his challenges?'

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Illustrations from our favourite book

Today was our parent event and we wanted to share our love of our class book 'Way home for Wolf' that we have been reading over the term. The children beautifully choral read our favourite part so we could introduce the parents to the characters and the plot. We then sketched the characters and landscapes of our choice using the illustrations and then used water colours to develop the detail. 



Coding continues...

Today the Kingfishers transferred the directional language they have been practising on the playground into a minecraft coding programme online. They had to use the skills they have learnt over the past few weeks focusing on direction, turns and steps to solve the problems. 


The Kingfishers found it quite a struggle when their coding wasn't accurate and they couldn't solve the problem on the first attempt. The class worked really hard to de-bug their programming and continue to solve the problems.

Winners of the Sponsored Read

The Kingfishers were over the moon to be awarded the winning class of the sponsored read in celebration assembly today. As a school we read 79,652 minutes over the week but the Kingfishers were the top class reading 14,660 minutes. So many special moments were shared this week and it was a pleasure to see children discover new passions for reading after exploring a wide range of different books.

"There is no such thing as a child who hates to read,

there are only children who have not found the right book."


How would Wilf survive if the sea unicorn didn't come to his rescue?

The children were questioned at the beginning of the week about our story 'The Way Home for Wolf'. I asked them, how would Wilf survive if the sea unicorn didn't come to his rescue? The children used their prior knowledge of Shackleton's journey on the Endurance and thought about what resources they would have available to them. They decided a raft would be possible to build within the situation and with the equipment they would have.

So this is what we did...

We explored our outdoor environment and gathered all the natural things we needed. We then worked in groups to build and secure our rafts. The Kingfishers found this very tricky but with great perseverance, fantastic results were seen.


After they were all finished, we tested them out to make sure we would be able to float and survive in the polar regions. They all floated and blew about furiously in the winds. They were great to watch!

What makes ice melt?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been reading 'Way Home for Wolf' and reached an exciting part today about the ice cracking underneath Wilf. In Science, we experimented with ice to see what would affect it melting and cracking. Majority of the class predicted ice with a thick coat of felt would melt really quickly because it will warm it up. However, tthe discussions I heard were fantastic.  They observed the ice and noticed the coat of material was slowing down the melting process as it acted as a barrier from the warm air in the room. 

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