Kingfishers (Year 2)

Welcome to the Kingfishers Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Davies. The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Maw.

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What a way to start Careers Week!

This afternoon the children experienced what it would be like to be a dancer. We Learned all about Contemporary and Hip Hop dance genres, practised some moves and then put a small routine together. The children asked thoughtful questions to the dancers to find out more information. Thankyou to Abbi and Dawson from Diamond Gz Dance school, you were inspirational!

Jungle Fever

Look at some of amazing homework projects for our new topic Jungle Fever. The children researched about the Amazon Rainforest, the animals that live their including their habitats and also about an important topic- deforestation.

These are just a few of the wonderful projects, please come and see the rest of them on display in the hall.


A trip to Bells Brothers Nursery...

We went on a trip to visit Bells Brother Nursery Outlet. We were able to follow the journey of a seed from the very beginning all the way through the factory to where we saw such a colourful view of beautiful flowers. We went into the germination room, planted some seedlings, moved some trays of flowers, looked at the packaging of different supermarkets and saw some real life production lines.

We also visited the pumpkin patch and maize maze that had recently been planted and then enjoyed a nice drink and snack in the beautiful sunshine.

We would like to say a really big thank you to Bells Brothers Nursery for a jam packed morning full of learning!


What's inside a seed?

The children explored different seeds and bulbs before disecting a climbing bean seed. We thought about the question, 'Why does a seed have a seed coat?' This enabled the children to think about the outside of the seed and how it survives.

 They then predicted what they might find inside and discussed why they thought this. We soaked the bean seeds in water for 24 hours to find out what would happen to the seed coat. The children were very keen to find out what had happened and commented that they could now rub the seed coat off. The children split the bean into two and inside we found the embryo! We used magnifying glasses to closely observe the inside of the seed. A very interesting science lesson!

Unusual vegetables

We were lucky to have had a special visit from Mrs Wingate from DGM Growers today. She brought fantastic variety of unusual vegetables that they grow. The children were able to find out more information about the job different job roles within the company and what qualifications and experience you would need to be able to do the job. We also tried a type of vegetable called chicory and ths type of vegetable became a discussion point and really challenged the children's thinking as it is grown hydroponically in the dark!


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