Kingfishers (Year 2)

Welcome to the Kingfishers Class.

The Class Teachers are Mrs Davies and Mrs Basker. The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Maw.

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The Sound Collector

In English this term we have been exploring the different features of poetry. We looked closely at The Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough and particularly how he used onomatopoeia to describe the sounds around the house. In small groups, we rehearsed this poem, developing our performance skills such as eye contact and making sure our voices were loud and clear by knowing the words off by heart. The children even added actions for each verse!

We then planned our very own sound poems about the fair, making sure we including all of the features we explored. Great work, Kingfishers!


Chocolate Experiment

As our toipc this term is chocolate, we linked this to making a statue for the Royal wedding. However, the first thing we needed to do was to find out which type of chocolate would be the best one to use. The children planned their science experiment, discussing in small groups how they were going to do it and what equipment would be needed. They also made some predictions about which chocolate they thought would melt the quickest. 

The children were surprised because after monitoring it throughout the day, we found that the white chocolate didn't melt at all!

Telling the Time

Today we started our new Maths topic of time, beginning by retrieving the vocabulary which we knew about it. We then began by looking at the hours on a horizontal number line, ensuring we could find different o'clock times, as well as learning how to find half past times. We also identified that after 12 o'clock, it becomes 1 o'clock. Well done, Kingfishers!

Mother's Day Cards

Here is a selection of our beautiful Mother's Day cards. The children chose effective colours, combining materials in collages and then precise cutting. They wrote lovely messages for their mums too - we hope you like the cards!

World Book Day

Here are the Kingfishers showing off their wonderful Roald Dahl World Book Day costumes. Can you guess the different books they are from?

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