Hedgehogs (Reception)

Welcome to the Hedgehogs Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Taylor and the Teaching Assistants are Miss Sampson and Mrs Young.

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The Great Oaks Federation Art Exchange

classroom display of the art exchange workThis week, as part of our springtime studies, the children have been looking at the flower paintings of Monet. They discussed why he might have created his paintings in the way that he did and then, using oil pastels, the children studied daffodils and created their own Monet inspired artwork.classroom display of the art exchange work

At the same time, the reception classes in our federated school - St. Thomas' was undertaking the same lesson. We exchanged some of our artwork so that the children could study and celebrate what each class had achieved.Classroom display of the art exchange work

The Life-cycle of the Hen

This week the children are learning all about the life cycle of the hen.

Fudgey the chicken visiting the Reception childrenIntroduction and descriptive sentence work 
After a session of drawing everything they could remember about a hen life cycle presentation; the children completed an adult led sentence-based activity.

First the children had to cut out 4 pictures showing different stages of the hen’s life cycle then stuck them down in order. They then completed a sentence for each picture using the time related vocabulary first, next, then and last. They were encouraged to re-read their sentences during the session to make sure that they made sense. 
To help support their learning they could use the vocabulary sheets and the life cycle power point from the earlier session.

Guided Reading Session 
The children were given an information leaflet all about the life cycle of the hen. They worked as a group to use all the sounds that we have learned so far to decode and understand the information that was written. After this there was a challenge of some comprehension questions for the children to answer. They were able to self-assess their success at the end of the session by using the answer sheet to decide if their own answers were correct.

Looking closely at Rusty and Fudgey 
Mrs Taylor's pet chickens came in for a visit so that the children could look closely at what makes a chicken different and the same to ourselves. The children quickly spotted the fact that they have feathers, a beak, claws and wings and we do not. With a little support they realised that the chickens did have some features that were the same such as they need to eat food, drink water and breathe air to stay alive. 
The children knew that they needed to wash their hands after touching the chickens because they could have dirt on them.

Singing the hen life cycle song 
As a class we learned a song that describes the life cycle of the hen. After lots of practice - perfecting our performance, we Skyped our federated school - St. Thomas', and sang it to their Reception classes to help them to learn about the life cycle of the hen.

Self-directed inquiry 
During choosing time the children demonstrated their fascination with this topic by engaging in lots of role-play, craft and construction activities that helped them to develop a deeper understanding of the hen's life cycle.

Mud Kitchen Pizzaria

Reception children creating a mud kitchen pizza.Today the children were using to the mud kitchen that had been made into a pizza parlour. 
They spent time reading the menus, writing out orders, charging customers, and designing and baking their pizzas. They enjoyed pretending to be the chef or the customer either ordering via the phone or visiting the shop and delivering pizzas in various ways such as a car, motorbike, van or bike. 
They took it in turns to play the various roles and worked really well together, enjoying the activity. 
Each child scooped out tomato purée (sand) then used the scales to weigh out other toppings such as cheese (twigs) ham (stones) and pepperoni (brown stones) to create their pizzas. They used the oven gloves to be safe when placing them in the oven.Reception children creating a mud kitchen pizza.

Mother's Day

All of this week we have been looking at the family tradition of celebrating Mother's Day. After learning a little about it the children were all really keen to make gifts for their mums.A reception child's mother's day gifts

Activity 1 - I love my mummy because... 
In circle time we talked about all of the wonderful things that our mummies do for us. The children were encouraged to copy write the initial sentence of 'I love my mummy because' and then draw a picture to describe why they love their mummy. They were really excited about sharing all of the lovely things their mums do. These were photocopied into the inside of their Mother's Day cards.

Activity 2 - My mummy's portrait 
The children looked at a portrait painted by the French artist Monet and spoke together about what they could see, how they thought he had painted it and how he felt about the lady in the picture. They then used this attention to detail to create their own pencil drawn portraits of their mums.

Activity 3 - Symmetrical butterfly computer art 
The children used the program PowerPoint to re-arrange shapes in order to create symmetrical butterflies.These were printed and cut out ready to add to the front of their cards.

Activity 4 - Kandinsky style flowers 
The children loved their studies of Kandinsky last year so they were encouraged to create some repeating pattern flowers in the style of Kandinsky to add to their cards. They had to draw around templates, cut them out and stick them together themselves.

Activity 5 - Flower studies 
]The children learned some of the names for the parts of a flower after spending some time pulling a daffodil apart. After this they coloured some daffodils to make a bunch of flowers.

Activity 6 - key-rings 
The children decorated a piece of wood with colours and patterns that they thought their mums would like. They then used a vice and hand drill to drill a hole in the wood so that some string could be posted through in order to make a key ring. The children used a felt-tip to write the word mum onto the wood.

Activity 7 - Scrabble poem 
The children spent lots of time thinking of words that describe their mum. These were then added to a scrabble poem using the word 'mummy' as a beginning word.

Activity 8 - Sand Art Butterflies 
The children were encouraged to choose coloured sand, in colours their mum would like, in order to complete a symmetrical sand art butterfly. This was added to their card.

Activity 9 - 'I love you more than...' Poem 
The children were encouraged to think of things that they love their mum more than. These were then written into their own poems about their mum.

Activity 10 - Mother's Day Song 
All week we have been practising a song about how much we love our mummies. Every day we worked hard to improve our singing skills. This was then performed to mummies on Friday afternoon.

The children spent lots of choosing time making little gifts for their mummies as well - these were all placed into a decorated bag ready to give to their mummy after our performance.

Fruity Pizzas

Reception children making fruit pizzasThis week the children have been designing and making their own fruit pizza - inspired by the choices of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Day One - Research Session 
The children described the appearance of lots of different fruits - accurately using mathematical comparative language such as larger, smaller, sphere, cone...they then sampled the fruits and made a list of which ones they would like to include on their fruit pizza. After making their list they corrected their spellings using a green pen.

Day Two - designing their pizza 
The children used a basic design sheet to draw and label a picture of what they wanted their finished pizza to look like. They tried to make sure they spelled the names of the fruits correctly by looking at their corrections from the day before.

Day Three - Making And Eating Their Pizza 
The children used a fruity Ryvita as a pizza base. They spread vanilla soya yogurt over this and then added their chopped-up fruit choices - following their design sheet. The children all selected the same fruits they had placed on their design sheet without adult support. The children were invited to eat their completed fruit pizza. Many of the children really enjoyed this part of the session and said how much they had enjoyed their creation.

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