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The Class Teacher is Mrs Davies and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Roberts.

Our exciting new topic for this term is We Will Rock You 

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Peer assessment in action

This week, we have written diary entries from the perspective of Barney from Stig of the Dump.

The children tried extremely hard to capture how Barney could have been feeling when he first fell into Stig's dump. The children then worked in pairs to peer assess each other's work. It was lovely to see how carefully they looked for all of the different features and there were so many positive conversations. Well done Foxes!

Our learning so far...

This week we have been learning all about Skara Brae. The children became tour guides as we shared facts about this amazing place and created mind maps as they researched key information.

Amazing homework projects

It is a pleasure to display such fantastci pieces of homework projects based on the Stone Age. Each child took so much time and effort to produce such unique pieces of work. We have enjoyed sharing each and every piece and it has certainly made sure our class room is fully emersed in the Stone Age!

Year 3 Parent Event-Show case of our current learning

What a fantastic morning we had! The Fox Class invited their families in to share their learning so far this term. It was lovely to see how the children show cased their learning by demonstrating how to do some of the activities we have done over the term. A really big thank you to all of Parents, Carers and Grandparents that were able to attend today.

Exchanging ones in a three digit number

We have been working incredibly hard in Fox Class to develop our place value knowledge of 3 digit numbers. Today the children worked in pairs to solve a series of calculations that involved exchanging 10 ones into 1 ten. The children used the dienes to solve the calculations. 

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