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The Class Teacher is Miss Anstey and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Roberts.

Our topic this term is 'Mummies on the Loose' as we explore the Ancient Egyptians.

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The awe and wonder...

The effort and enthusiasm shown by the Foxes in their homework projects has been absolutely amazing! The children were set the same task and were asked to design and create a pyramid. I could not have imagined what the children brought in but I recieved 30 completely different and unique, amazing pyramids. All displaying fantastic creativity and a great awareness of their historical knowledge.


Thank you to all parents and carers who helped support their children with their projects. It was also great to see you at our homework project display. The children loved showing off their hard work at home and also the amazing work they have been doing in class.

3D shapes or a Pharaoh's tomb?

Not only have the children been enjoying their studies of the Ancient Egyptians in History, the children have been exploring how to create 3D shapes using 2D shapes to create a square based pyramid. 

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

With the help of Pots of Fun, the Foxes thoroughly enjoyed designed and painting their commemorative tiles with images of the happy couple, crowns and hearts. It was great to see the children exploring a different mode of art and design.

Creativity at its best!

Over this term the Foxes have shown excellent cretaivity as they have designed, manufactured and evaluated their paper mache sarcophagus'.

After reasearcing the historical uses of sarcophagus' and designing their own, the children created the base of their model using a cuboid net. The children used their mathematical vocabulary to describe the shape as they perfected their cutting skills.

The children used paper mache to create the rest of their models and then using coloured paints that the children had decided were historically accurate, they painted their designs.

The final products looked amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing these with their parents.

Egyptian WOW Day!

Today has been a great day exploring our topic of the Ancient Egyptians in greater depth. It was lovely to see the children dressed up in their outfits and the enthusiasm the children have shown towards the activities was great.

The children studied hieroglphics in order to create book marks with their names and used the mode of clay to create their own scarab beetle amulets. It was fantastic to see the creativity whilst using sand and grains to decorate them.



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