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The Class Teacher is Miss Anstey and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Roberts.

Our topic this term is 'Mummies on the Loose' as we explore the Ancient Egyptians.

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Nurse Twigg's visit to the Fox class

During Careers Week, Nurse Twigg visited our class. She showed the children a range of ways of checking a patients general health. The children then used the equipment to check each others heart beat, temperature and ear drums.

Nurse Twigg also explained to the children the importance of hand washing and how to ensure it is done thoroughly. The children loved using the UV light to check to see if their hands were clean or if they had missed any areas.



What is inside a flower?

In Science, the children have loved observing the plants we have been growing in different conditions. They were able to make some accurate and detailed predictions and observations.

The hands on approach to these Science lessons has kept the engaged throughout the term and they loved dissecting a flower to identfy all the different components. 


Call and Response

During our Egyptian studies, the Foxes have been studying African music. They have been exploring traditional call and response patterns using clapping, body percussion and African drums. 

The children have been very successful at working in teams to compose and perform their own call and response patterns.

How does friction affect moving forces?

As the Foxes have begun to explore forces, they took to the outdoors to experiement with different surfaces. They wanted to investigate how far a toy car could travel on a range of surfaces including grass, gravel, concrete and bark.

The children loved to predict how far they thought the car would travel and used their scientific vocabulary well to explain their reasoning.

Creativity at its best!

Over this term the Foxes have shown excellent cretaivity as they have designed, manufactured and evaluated their paper mache sarcophagus'.

After reasearcing the historical uses of sarcophagus' and designing their own, the children created the base of their model using a cuboid net. The children used their mathematical vocabulary to describe the shape as they perfected their cutting skills.

The children used paper mache to create the rest of their models and then using coloured paints that the children had decided were historically accurate, they painted their designs.

The final products looked amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing these with their parents.

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