Deer (Year 6)

Welcome to the Deer Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Lineker and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Dodes and Mrs Pepperdine.

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Welcome to Term 4 in the Deer Class! This term, we shall be learning about Natural Disasters!

It has been lovely to see the children's enthusiasm for this topic during this week; the compassion they have shown for the victims of natural disasters has been heart-warming.

I cannot wait to continue our learning journey and work with the children to discover how these phenominal natural disasters occur...

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3D shares and their nets in Maths!

Electricity experiments in Deer Class


A special Mother's Day


We thoroughly enjoyed pampering our Mum's for Mother's Day. We had an excellent time and are so grateful to the Co-Op for the goody bags and the students of Boston College for the treatments for our mums. It was a special morning for everyone!

Accurate Angles in Deer Class!

In today’s lesson, we have been learning to find missing angles on a straight line, in triangles and around a point. We have applied our knowledge of degrees in order to be successful. In addition to this, we mastered drawing angles with a protractor, by drawing accurate diagrams on our tables. Our reasoning was excellent, because we justified our thinking with one another.


Even Mrs Paul showed resilience by using her measuring skills to draw an accurate representation of a diagram!

Designers at work

In today's lesson, the children were given the challenge of creating the framework for a shelter. They had to make either a dog kennel, an umbrella, a bus shelter or a tent.

They explored joining different materials in order to find the sturdiest and most suitable for the job.

"We have found out that when you put polystyrene in between bubble wrap, it strengthens the structure," explained Darcie.

"We need our structure to be waterproof, so we have used plastic because that will protect the person inside," Thomas told us.

"We reinforced these straws using masking tape," Tom said.

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