Deer (Year 6)

Welcome to the Deer Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Lineker and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Dodes and Mrs Pepperdine.

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Welcome to Term 5 in the Deer Class! This term, we shall be learning about the Mayan Civilisation.

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Learning about the Mayans in Deer Class

In today's History lesson, we were posed the question:

Why should we study the Mayan Civilisation?

In order to answer this question, we analysed a range of artefacts from the Mayan Civilisation. With our partner, we visited each image around the classroom. Our aim was to spot what we thought was an important indicator as to why the Mayan civilisation is considered important enough to study in schools.

There was some excellent conversation by the children about what the artefact told us about how the Mayans lived and how they have influenced our world. In our next lesson, we are going to try to convince Miss Lineker that this topic should be taught in Year Six in future years!

Bikeability has begun

It has been such an exciting week already for Year 6 who have begun their cycling proficiency course with the Bikeability team. On Day 1, they have learnt how to safely start and stop riding, how to signal safely and how to ride alongside other cyclists.

We are so proud of all of the children for passing Level 1 of their course. Onwards to the next part of the course which involves cycling around the Wyberton area!

Good luck Year 6!

Commemorative tiles for the Royal Wedding

Year 6 have been busy planning, designing and painting their own ceramic tile to celebrate the Royal Wedding. They thoroughly enjoyed being led through the activity by Pots of Fun, who taught them the process of tile painting, including how the colours change slightly after they have been put into the special oven.

Thank you to Mrs Paul and to Pots of Fun for organising this special activity.

DT skills put to the test for the Royal Wedding!

Year 6 had a fabulous morning on Friday applying their design skills to make a fancy hat to celebrate the Royal Wedding. They analysed pictures from previous royal weddings and evaluated what they liked about them, before coming up with their own designs. Skills applied included using a glue gun, cutting accurately, embelishing and painting. I am sure you will agree that their final designs are fabulous!

Here is Elizabeth's final design - wow isn't it glamorous?

Learning all about the Maya

This term our topic is all about the Maya, who were a civilisation that lived in America over 1000 years ago. As our introduction to this topic, Miss Lineker set us a "pass the parcel" style mystery and we were given images of different artefacts from the Mayan times which we had to describe to the rest of the class.

 The class then guessed what they thought they were as well as what they thought the artefact was used for. In the mystery golden box, some children had to feel inside and guess what the object was linked to the Mayans. Nelidas correctly guessed that one of the objects was a sweet potato. Did you know that the Mayans grew lots of crops and used corn in many dishes?

We have also loved hearing about Jasmin's holiday to Mexico as she has taught us all about Chichen Itza, Mayan games and traditional Mayan dancing. It was fascinating to hear about her tour of the temples; we loved seeing her photographs of the sights because it helped us to understand what the culture was like in Mayan times. A huge thank you to Jasmin for sharing these!

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