Deer (Year 6)

Welcome to the Deer Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Lineker and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Dodes and Mrs Pepperdine.

Welcome to Term 3 in the Deer Class! This term, we shall be learning about World War Two.

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STEM Week in Year 6...

We had an amazing time during STEM week in Year 6. We learnt to use saws safely to cut the wooden frame and we accurately cut triangular gussets to attach the frame - this blew our minds!

Excellent engineering and team work skills were seen throughout the week by the Deer Class. We cannot wait to finalise our car designs and get started on the outer shell!

What have the Deer Class been up to in their first week back?

This week started with a practice air raid siren, just like the one used in WW2! We took cover underneath our tables until the 'all clear' was given!

Speeches for the outbreak of WW2 in the Deer Class

In English this week we have been listening to Neville Chamberlain's speech declaring the outbreak of war on September 3rd 1939. We have learnt from the Prime Minister how to deliver a powerful speech, what the features of a good speech are and then used these to write our own. On Friday we also rehearsed them outside and we are looking forward to adding our audio to a special app which will make it look like we are Mr Chamberlain speaking to our country!

Here are some of our excellent sentences using emotive language and here we are rehearsing our speech outside:

An exciting visit from the Library Bus for Y6!

Thanks to Miss Anstey for organising for the local library bus to come and visit Wyberton!

The Deer Class loved climbing aboard and selecting a book to borrow on our class library card. 

We love reading in Year 6!

Christmas in the Deer Class!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks of term in the Deer Class!

They have been filled with the Christmas Party;

making Trench Foot biscuits and WW1 ration boxes with the help of our kind families;

and finally selling our products at the fair!

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