Badgers (Year 4)

Welcome to the Badgers Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Shortland and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Duncan and Mrs Wilson.

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A crime scene met the children from Badger Class as they came back to school after half term which needed investigating. An outline of a body was on the floor with various items of evidence scattered around the room. Who had killed King Duncan? What was the motive behind the murder? What was the murder weapon? Did the murderer work alone? These are some of the questions that the Badgers had to answer.


We soon deduced that Macbeth had murdered his king as he wanted to be king and Lady Macbeth had been encouraging him to murder King Duncan. The motive was simple, Macbeth wanted to be king! By looking at the evidence that was scattered around the room, the children were able to deduce and infer what had happened and hopefully put the right person behind bars.


For the next 3 weeks in English, we are going to be studying the play of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare and write our own play script using Macbeth as an aid to support us.

What can you 'ear'?

In Science this term, we have been focusing on how sound is made and also how we hear sounds. This week, we have been focusing on ow the ear works by learning that the sound travels as a wave. We started our learning with conducting a mini investigation to discover what vibrates when we hit a drum. We placed seeds on the skin of the drum so that we could see the vibrations as we hit the drum gently, medium and hard. It is safe to say when Daniel hit the drum hard, the front row were covered by seeds.

We then created a playscript, which is one of our focuses in English this week, to create an information advert to describe how sound travels as a wave. The children performed their adverts during English today after rehearsing and they performed with great expression and intonation. Well done everyone. It was a pleasant sound to my ears!

Problem Solving Masters

We have started our exciting unit on shapes and their properties but before we dived into the world of quadrilaterals and angles, we decided to conduct an investigation where we researched key words so that we have a better understanding of the mathematical knowledge that we are going to be using.

The children selected the key words and made their way a seies of 7 stations solving questions using our problem solving and reasoning skills. To support our ivestigation, we used sentence stems to suppor our reasoning and dictionaries to research the meaning behind the key vocabulary. Lots of learning was taking place and now we feel ready to tackle the properties of quadrilaterals! Well done Badger class!


"Is that you Sir Walter?"

As part of our English, we have been focusing on the amazing story of 'My Friend Walter' by Michael Murpurgo which links in to our topic of The Tudors. The focus for this week was to understand how to use direct soeech in our writing and what we need to remember. This is where we invented the speech sandwich to help us remember the punctuation and order we need to create the perfect speech sandwich in our writing. In the picture below, you can see how we have identifed the direct speech in this chapter of My Friend Walter. 

You are about to enter the spelling zone!

This term, we have started our journey into the Spelling Zone where we have met our new friends Gamma, Zeta and Mu. We visit the Spelling Zone each week to learn a new spelling rule. We then spend the week focusing on the rule and investigating how it is used properly and how the rule can be applied to other words. We also cover orange words which are words that can not be sounded out. But that's not all.....The children also using their spelling logs as a resource during writing activities by looking at their sound chart. Here you can see Harry and Billie-Jo working hard on a spelling activity working in partners and assessing their own work before finding out that they have spelt all their words correctly. 

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