Badgers (Year 4)

Welcome to the Badgers Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Shortland and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Duncan and Mrs Wilson.

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Careers Week

What a great week we have had where we have looked at a wide range of careers. We have had some influential visitors who have spoken passionately about their careers and some children have been lucky enough to visit local businesses and experience what it feels like working in their chosen career. 


Our first visitor was Ellie, who is a dental hygienest, visited us and spoke all about her career. She explains that she works closely with Dentists and how she gives advice to her patients. We were all shocked at how much sugar is in our favourite snacks and drinks.

Our second visitor was Mrs Shortland who came to school to talk to us about running her own business. Mrs Shortland explained all about her work she does on horses and how she started her own business by advertising, purchasing equipment, special offers and even why she has to fill out tax forms. Mrs Shortland then launched our Careers Week and explained that the class was going to create their own business throughout the week.



Top Hat and Tiara Day

On Monday, we all celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by having a Top Hat and Tiara day. Year 4 celebrated the day by working out the time schedule of the special day by converting between 12 and 24 hour clock.

We then made our very own tea party by making sandwiches, eating scones and biscuits whilst wearing our Top Hat's and Tiara's

Just before lunch, we designed and painted our own tiles as a tribute to the newleyweds.

After lunch, the children worked hard designing their own Royal Wedding outfits out of recyclable materials with Mrs Duncan.

A great day celebrating the love of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

"It's's pooing!!!!"

What a fun lesson we have had! We have investigated how the digestive system works using items such as crackers, bananas, orange juice, tights and cups.

It was disgusting....and all the children loved it!!!!

We then fed the food into the intestine and pushed it through all the way to the bottom. We then drained all the nutrients out so we were left with the food.

We then forced the food back out and poured it into a cup with a hole at the bottom which led to the best part of the experiment! We had a poo! As you can imagine, we all found this great fun.

The children then produced amazing recounts in the form of a newspaper explaining the process of the digestive system. Super investigating Badgers!

Training to be athletes

In PE this term, we have started our preparations for the upcoming Sports Day. Instead of practicing the traditional races, we decided to take ownership of our learning and invent ways to develop our skills. Here we are developing our jumping skills by reinventing hopscotch to different ways to consider how we position our bodies when jumping.

We also considered how to jump properly ensuring that we are using our knees to push up and using our arms to help us travel through the air.


A crime scene met the children from Badger Class as they came back to school after half term which needed investigating. An outline of a body was on the floor with various items of evidence scattered around the room. Who had killed King Duncan? What was the motive behind the murder? What was the murder weapon? Did the murderer work alone? These are some of the questions that the Badgers had to answer.


We soon deduced that Macbeth had murdered his king as he wanted to be king and Lady Macbeth had been encouraging him to murder King Duncan. The motive was simple, Macbeth wanted to be king! By looking at the evidence that was scattered around the room, the children were able to deduce and infer what had happened and hopefully put the right person behind bars.


For the next 3 weeks in English, we are going to be studying the play of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare and write our own play script using Macbeth as an aid to support us.

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