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World Book Day 2019


WOW! What a great day we have had! The Badger Class looked amazing today as we dressed up in our favourite book characters. The children were able to explain who their character was and why they were their favourite character. We even had our very own Mary Poppins!


In the afternoon, we listened to stories read by different teachers around the school which allowed us to share our love of reading!

Well done Badgers! You look supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

STEM week

During our STEM week, we started to create our car. Our main focus of the week was designing the outer shell of our vehicle with various designs such as boats, cars and a rocket! 

We presented our designs to an engineer who gave us expert advice and we made changes. Our PSHE focus was all about teamwork and recognising what makes a good team.

Watch this space for updates on our finished vehicles!

STEM Parental Engagement

For our STEM Parental Engagemeny afternoon, we experimented with Non-Newtonian Liquid which is made out of Cornflour and water. What is so unique about this experiment is when you touch the liquid, it turns solid but once you hold it, it turns back into a liquid.

After the experiment, we enjoyed sharing all our hard work with our parents during STEM week. 

Thank you to all that came

Thank You McDonalds

McDonalds in Boston donated some cups and lids for us to use during our Christmas Fair, so that we could serve our Anglo-Saxon/Viking Soup. 

As a thank you, all of the Badger Class wrote a letter to the staff at McDonalds to say thank you for their generous gift and for helping us in our time of need.

Here we have Zach and Tayla-Mai presenting the letters to the manager of the store.

Thank you again McDonalds!

Christmas Party Day

Today was our Christmas Party Day! We started the afternoon with a mini disco in the hall where there were party games and a dance off between the boys and girls (it was a draw).

Then as we came back to the classroom, Santa came to visit and gave us all a selection box to take home. We then sat and ate our party food together and enjoyed spending time with one anothe.

Finally, we played a game of pass the parcel where we all received a gift.

What a great afternoon!

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