Welcome to the class page that belongs to 6G. Here we will document our journey through the final year of our Primary School experience. Please share in the pride we have in our work and achievements as we grow and mature, forging our way to be resilient, reflective and compassionate 21st Century citizens. 


'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Phillipians 4:13


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As a part of our World War One topic, we have been learning how semaphore was sent and recieved in order to senf messages across the classroom.

Christmas Fair



Mince pies and choclate truffles - we thoroughly enjoyed rolling, drizzling and bagging these goodies ready to be sold at the Christmas fair. The treats all went down a storm!

Christingle Oranges


Last Year Six clubs of Term 2

This Tuesday was the final time the Year Six Maths, Writing and Reading clubs will meet for this term. After completing our activties, we came together to celebrate in true Y6 club style - pass the parcel. But this parcel was jam-packed with maths, spag and vocabulary questions - it even contained some of the funniest forfeits! 

The great gospel show down: Matthew Vs. Luke

Within our RE lesson this week, we have read the two nativity stories as told by Matthew and Luke. After comparing and contrasting these two texts, we were able to unpick our own perceptions of the nativity. A group conducted a mathematical analysis from children across the school asking: 'When Jesus was born, who was there?' Where others considered the meaning of shepherds being chosen by God and the angels to be the first to visit the new born Messiah and what it meant when wise men from afar also visited Jesus. All were then given the opportunity to create a nativiy piece of art work; each person justified their representation and explained wht message they were portraying in their artwork. 




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