Welcome to 6C.

The Class Teacher is Miss Clark and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Webster.


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Adventure stories have been our focus for English this term. As a class, we have been reading ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. We have been inspired by her writing and humour. We have chosen to base our own adventure stories around this. 



In Maths, we have been focusing on circles. We have been exploring the parts of a circle. Then, we had a go at drawing our own circles, so we could construct our own pie charts based on given data. 


Mayan Exploration

Within Topic, we have explored the Mayans’. Our first lesson was based around the Mayan religion and how this compares to religions around the world today. The children investigated to Maya Gods and their characteristics and this helped them to create their own Maya God.

Science Madness

This term in Science, we have focussed our learning on Electricity. We discussed the what components were needed to make a working circuit. We made predictions and then explored what would happen if we added another bulb into the circuit and/or a motor. The children had lots of fun making their own electrical circuits. 


Running Wild


Our topic over Term 3 and 4 has been Natural Disasters. Within our English lessons, we have been exploring a book written by one of Year 6's favourite authors- Michael Morpurgo. The book we have been reading both in English and as our class book is called, Running Wild. The children recreated their own versions of this imaginative story; about a little girl who was saved by an elephant during the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading his book.