Welcome to 5S. 

The Class Teacher is Mrs Smith, I look forward to you joining us in our learning throughout the year.

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Welcome to the Summer Term. 

Gracious Goddesses and Beastly Beings

This term we will be exploring what life was like in Ancient Greece. Looking at myths and classic texts such as the Odyssey we will learn more about the gods and goddesses of this period of time, alongside the grim and gruesome beings, like Medusa. Working as historians, we will analyse different sources of evidence and the information they give us about life at this time. Olympics, democracy and elements of the English language all draw on life at this time and we can't wait to find out more! Come back regularly to check on our learning!


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To remind ourselevs about perimeter and what it is a measure of, we were each greeted with a shape made from masking tape on our desks. We carefully measured each side to the nearest centimetre and then found the total measurement around the outside of the shape. After completing the one in our place, we checked our friends had measured correctly too!

Mysterious Myths

After reading Theseus and the Minotaur, we discussed the key features of the myth. We then read other myths and identified the key features, hero, setting, journey, Gods and Godesses mentioned. We can't wait to read more; we have lots of questions about Medusa we need answering!


Ancient Greece Topic launch


Today we started our Summer Term learning about Ancient Greece.

We searched for sources of evidence in the outdoor area, explaining what each source told us about life in Ancient Greece, used the Greek alphabet to begin to write our names, researched some of the temples in Greece and used SketchUp to begin to create 3D drawings. Keep checing back to find out what else we have been learning!

Ready for Ancient Greece

Ready for our learning next term.... can you guess what we will focus on?

Sandringham Visit

To conclude our learning about Queen Elizabeth II, we visited Sandringham, one of the Royal residences. Touring the house, museum, church and grounds, we were able to gain just a small insight into what it is like to love in such a grand house. 

'I can't believe that the Queen sits here to do the Christmas message,' commented Faithe. 

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