Welcome to 5S. 

The Class Teacher is Mrs Smith and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Heighton. We look forward to you joining us in our learning throughout the year.

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Welcome to the Autumn Term. 

This term we will be learning all about the 'Race to Space', we can't wait to share our learning with you!



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Poppies to Remember

We have worked with resilience this week to create poppies from paper to add to a remembrance wreath. Skecthing the petal shapes, cutting and assembling; the finished result is really eye catching!

We have also written poems for display in St Botolph's church in Boston. Reflecting on the importance of animals in World War 1, we researched their role and how valuable their contribution was. We enjoyed learning more about the symbolism of the purple poppies.


Buddy Reading

Year 5 have loved being the lead learners for Year 2 pupils in school. We met to read to each other, asking each other questions about our reading and helping one another where needed.

We can't wait to do it again!

Parents sharing learning

We loved welcoming parents and other family members into our classroom this week. Sharing our leanring about the artist Peter Thorpe, we demonstrated how we could evaluate our own work and try new things to create work in his style. Using a range of media, paint, chalk pastels, crayons, oil pastels and a range of papers, we created further work in his style. A big thank you to all of those who came to share in our learning and for the lovely comments we received. We look forward to doing it again soon.

Addition and Subtraction

Using the counters, we have been consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction, ensuring we can explain the exchanges that need to be made. Using our knowledge, we were then able to explain mistakes that others had made and solve problems.

Tim Peake's Shuttle

"Wow, it looks like a castle!" remarked most of the class as we approached the beautiful Peterborough Cathedral.

The architecture left the class awe struck as they walked upto it, taking in the towers, statues and grandeur of the building. Once inside they continued to be wowed as we walked around the amazing building. Identifying the different church furniture, we were able to amke comparisons with St Thomas' church and St Botolph's too. 

We were then filled with further amazement as we looked at the Soyuz shuttle that brought Tim Peake safely back to Earth.

"I can't believe three people were able to fit comfortably in there," commented Declan. 

Learning about his return trip, how long it took and where he landed, along with looking at his space suit, left us with lots of other questions we would love to explore about Space in Autumn Term 2. We can't wait to share the rest fo our learning with you, make sure you keep popping back!

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