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Welcome to 5M.

Over the year the children will carry out the most exciting journey and be part of a wonderful family.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Morris with Miss Gray and Mrs Bell working as the teaching assistants. What a team!

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Learning Together

We loved sharing our learning about Peter Thorpe with our parents. Joining in with the learning, we were able to explain who peter Thorpe is, his style of art and then demonstrate how we can create work in his style. We had some lovely comments from the parents who came in, they were all impressed with our knowledge and art skills, look out for some of our completed pieces soon!

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10

After exploring place value of numbers with upto six digits, we have been multiplying and dividng numbers by powers of 10. Using the place value grid, we looked at how the value of each digit changes as we moved it to divide and multiply. We also explored the importance of the decimal number being in the right place!

Static and Mirror!

In gymnastics, we have been exploring static poses, refining our straddle, pike and balances, we have then looked at working in pairs to create static poses using balance. Soemtimes we have mirrored images and explored symmetry too.

Robots move together

5M have progressed on from dancing independently to working creatively with a partner. They have produced sequences that have included start and finish positions aswell as travel movements. The children and staff have been very complimentary so far. 

Gerrard shared, 'My body becomes jerky and my arms are stiff.'


Writing for purpose

To continue our theme of Race to Space, the children have had to write in a persuasive manner, proving that Earth is spherical. Thinking about and using the information they already know they have provided evidence for their suggestions and reasoning.

'Evidence suggests...'


space writing space writing

space writing 

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