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The Class Teacher is Miss Harrison and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Stanley.

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Kensuke's Kingdom

Today we have discovered our new English reading text linked to our Explorers topic.


It began with a bag...of mystery

Inside were some strange objects and animals.

Would you have guessed the book with these clues?

A boat, a turtle, a dog and an island


We then discovered a hidden message inside the balloon, it was so exciting popping the balloon and discovering the name of the text.

Michael Morpurgo's- Kensuke's Kingdom

Geography- Road links

In our Geography learning, we have explored settlements and their features.

Today we explored how settlements are linked and how this has changed overtime.

As it was such a beautiful day we took our learning outside and drew our own road links. As you can tell we thoroughly enjoyed this.

Finally, we went inside and used digital mapping to identify the roads that linked different settlements. 4H were very suprised at how many road links there actually were.

Watch out grown ups- we will be planning alternative driving routes!

Who made toothpaste?


In Science this term, we have been learning about inventors.

Today's learning was finding out all about the inventor Washington Sheffield and the production of toothpaste.

After learning about the properties of toothpaste and the history, we got to investigate toothpastes and even make our own.

Suprisingly, our toothpaste had the better stain removal properties- not so suprising was the fragrant smell of peppermint in the classroom. We did decide that as we had not had to taste our toothpaste that given its stain removal properties the taste must have been vile.

Have a look- What do you think?

The Tiny Russet Red Hen

Wow, what a fun morning we've had.

Today, we have been improving a traditional tale, by applying our vocabulary features.

We are super authors and we can now use a range of descriptive language to show awareness of the reader and to make a simple story into an interesting and descriptive narrative.

After making improvements, we then performed our pages, showing an awareness of the audience.

Finding the perimeter fun in Maths!

Children in 4H have been measuring the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Shapes appeared on the floor, which were measured in order to find the perimeter. Then they looked for easier ways to find the distance around the shape than adding all the sides together. They found that using the formula 2(a + b) was quicker and easier.


Photo jpeg.

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