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The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Favell.

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RE - empathy and understanding

We spent the afternoon putting ourselves in the shoes of someone living in poverty in India. People there make paper bags and sell them for very small amounts of money. In our table groups we took 20 minutes to make 10 bags which earned us 1 rupee (less than 1p). We calculated how much money we could earn making these bags for 10 hours per day over a 7 day week and compared it to how much money basic food would cost. It was very sobering to realise that we could not earn enough money to support ourselves even working this hard.


Practical Science

We had a practical Science lesson, learning about how sound travels - we worked in pairs to create string telephones and then explained why we could hear each other's voices more clearly through the cups than through the air.




We realised that sound vibrations travel more quickly along a solid (the string) than through a gas (the air). We could feel the cup vibrating when our partners talked as well as hear them speak!

Perfect Pasta!

We had tremendous fun undertaking a pasta project in DT. First we designed a pasta snack box which would be ideal for a lunchbox, considering the healthiness of the ingredients. We created a balanced meal, observing the pasta being cooked then chopping, slicing and grating ingredients to add. Finally we taste tested our product before evaluating it.


We wrote instructions to help anyone who wanted to recreate our masterpieces to do so.

Here are the finished products: 



Orienteering fun

All Friday morning was spent outdoor learning, practising orienteering skills.

Our knowledge of the school grounds was tested as we had to recognise where a small photo had been taken and go to that location to find a number. We also created our own maps and placed controls, used our understanding of compass points to follow maps and read maps to locate controls.


Inter house competition

Our interhouse competition took place on Friday 29th June. Wyberton's year 4 class came over to compete which made it an even more exciting afternoon! All three classes took part, representing their houses in athletic events such as discus, javelin, relay, skipping and bean bag races. Everyone had fun and demonstrated good sportsmanship throughout the afternoon, which was lovely to see.




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