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The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Jeffery.

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What a busy week!


Thank you to all parents for coming to Parents Evening this week, it was lovely to meet you all!

This week we have been learning to weave using different media. We worked in a carousel of activities so we could try both willow weaving (this was tricky!) and wool (most found this easier).


Look at the concentration faces! The children were proud of the results of their new skills.

English persuasion

Our English work this week included writing instructions for making Anglo-Saxon style soup and then considering the concept of persuasion, and how to achieve this, both verbally and in writing. We are working in small groups to create an advertisement for the Anglo-Saxon style soup. With phrases to describe the ingredients like, "juicy, fresh organically carrots grown in the fertile lands of Lincolnshire" and "perfect peas straight from their pods", who could resist buying it?  

We are also working on a jingle, using our rhyming and alliteration skills to come up with something catchy. Any parents who are able to join us on Wednesday may have the joy of listening to this...

The excitement of soup-tasting!

We didn't tell the children what was in any of the soups, so they did a blind test of four different flavours of soup. This was tremendous fun and some of the resulting faces pulled were hilarious (to those of us who like all of the flavours!).

They gave each flavour a score out of five for taste, appearance and consistency and whether or not the Anglo-Saxons would have had access to those ingredients (carrots yes, potatoes no). At the end they considered which ingredients they would like to include in their own soup.

Preparation for making soup

In order to make soup, the children need to develop cutting, peeling and grating skills. They learned about the bridge and claw hold and were able to use these effectively (and safely!) in practice. 


Weft and warp - let's get weaving!


We learned about the history of weaving, particularly how many ways the Anglo-Saxons used the skill. They made clothes, rugs and blankets from wool and baskets and fences by weaving willow. We began our practice of this skill with paper and card.


We were very proud of the results, especially those of us who found it quite tricky. As children kept saying, "This is really fiddly!" and by the end "This looks great!" and even a super confident, "I bet I could make some clothes now!"

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