Welcome to 4C.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Stanley.

 A very warm welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Easter break.

This term, we will be developing our learning about the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation. We will be exploring our geographical and historical skills as we make our way across the world to Egypt. We will be using the 8 points of the compass and 6 digit grid references in our geographical learning, we will continue to apply these in PE through orienteering. Please note that Year 4 PE lessons will be on Mondays and Wednesdays so please ensure children come with their PE kits on the first day back.

Continuing our journey to Ancient Egypt, we will be exploring the discoveries made by Howard Carter and through our work on how the pyramids were built, will be exploring states of matter.

This term, we will continue our performing skills as we learn to read musical notation, play and compose music for recorders.

We have a busy term ahead with a local history trip (Boston Hanse Big Dig) and our annual sports trip (the ski dome) coming up this term. Please make sure letters come back promptly and if you are available and willing to support on a trip please speak to one of the Year 4 Team.

Thanks as always

The Year Four Team




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Mona Lisa

We learned fascinating facts about the Mona Lisa, before going on to sketch our own replica of the most famous painting in the world. We had to develop our close observation skills, really paying attention to the details in the picture in order to achieve a likeness. We discussed proportion and perspective and how these affected the finished picture.

Chicks in the classroom!

What an exciting start to the day on Monday! These little visitors were waiting in the classroom. Everyone had the chance to hold one - many said they had never held a chick before so we were very glad to have this opportunity!

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the children holding them as Mrs Crawford was busy retrieving little chicks when they escaped from children's hands! However, the children can tell you all about it.

Holi Festival of Colour

What a wonderful experience we had celebrating the Festival of Colour on a beautiful sunny Friday! 

Thank you so much to the parents who came along and joined in, the children love it when you get involved. Thank you also, of course, to those who came to support from the sidelines, shouting encouragement!

The children first explained the story of good triumphing over evil that is behind the celebration, and then went outside to throw liberal amounts of powdered paint at each other! The children went home very much more colourful than when they arrived!

World Book Day

Everyone was very enthusiastic about dressing up for World Book Day and sharing their favourite books. There were some imaginative costumes, most of us would agree Miss Stanley in her roller boots was the most original! 

We had the all important vote to decide on the class favourite book, out of the three we have reading this week. Just a Dream won the vote for 4C, based on the moral message it gave, its exciting vocabulary and detailed pictures. 


Expressing emotion through art and colour

Linked to our exploration of Holi, we have been learning about colour this week. We mixed colours to create a colour wheel, developing our understanding of primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Following this we went on to express the feelings Holi evokes through colour - the children chose bright colours to convey joy, happiness and celebration.







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