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The Class Teacher is Miss Collins and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Jeffery.

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Where is the Amazon!?

In Geography we have been using atlas' to find out where the Amazon Rainforest is. Children were able to locate South America, Brazil and the Rainforest. Some could even find the UK!

Stonehenge Art

Today 3C have been creating some wonderful Stonehenge art using tones and shades. We learnt how to mix white and black into colours to make them lighter or darker. After we had practiced this skill we put it into practice by creating some art work with Stonhenge as our inspiration. Here is what we got up to.

Diary Entries

This week 3C have been looking at diary entries. We started the week by looking at some diary entries that already existed to find out what a good diary entry looks like. Here are some pictures of the work that the children did.


Stone Age Weapons

This week 3C have been looking at the different types of weapons used in the Stone Age. We were looking at some pictures of the different weapons found in this time and we were asked to infere what they could have been used for. We were then told what the different weapons were used for and we compared our answers.

Remembrance Art Parent Afternoon

This afternoon 3C have had a lovely time with some of the parents/careers creating some wonderful remembrance art. Here are some pictures of us busy at work and some of the comments left from the adults. Thank you to everyone who came.

Here are some of the finished pieces of work.

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