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The Class Teacher is Miss Ferguson and the Teaching Assistant is Ms Heighton.

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Lincolnshire Wildlife Park!!

Today, year 3 went to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. We had an amazing day completing different tasks and seeing all of the animals. There were lots of different types of animals in the park including meerkats, lemurs, peacocks, emus and even tigers! We were given lots of time to walk around the park. Here are some of the animals that we saw.

As well as walking around the park, we also took part in some cool acitivites. First we got to handle some reptiles! We were allowed to stroke a beared dragon and then we got to hold a gecko and a python!! It was a little nerve wracking but we over came our fears and held them anyway, even the teachers! The other activity that we did was creating a food box for the meerkats. We were given pens, scissors, tape and a cardboard box and we were tasked with creating a fun feeding box. We then put some food inside the boxes and watched the meerkats play with our very own creations. Here are some pictures of us completeing these tasks too!


 We hope you had a wonderful time!


Marvellous Mummies Projects

Over the past term 3F have been creating their very own projects about the Ancient Egyptians. This week the whole class got to show and tell their projects. Some of the children had created 3D pyramids and some of the children had created mummies in tombs. The children were very creative with their projects and earnt lots and lots of house points. Here are some pictures of some of the children with their impressive projects.

Perfect PowerPoint s

This term 3F are going to be working on PowerPoints in their computing topic. So far we have been taught how to add images and clip art onto a PowerPoint as well as how to add text. The aim of our lessons is to create a PowerPoint to show all of the information we have learnt about the Ancient Egptians. This week we made a start. Here are some pictures of what we got up to.

Super Shapes

In our maths lessons this week, 3F have been looking at the properties of shapes. We started the week looking at 2D shapes and then moved on to 3D shapes. As part of our learning we were given nets of different 3D shapes and were asked to make as many as we could. We successfully made cuboids, triangular prisms and cylinders. Here are some pictures of us trying to complete the task. Some of them were quite tricky!

Mummification Results

Before half term 3F set up an experiment to see how we could mummify an apple. We have now looked at the results. We found out that if you surrounded the apple in salt and bicarbonate of soda, the apple stays red and does not mould. Here are some pictures of us revealing the results.

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