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The Class Teacher is Miss Ferguson and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Smith.


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Cave Paintings!

We have been looking at cave paintings from the Stone Age! We thoroughly enjoyed talking about them and the different techniques that were used. We then used charcoal and pastels to create our own!


Cave Paintings!

After exploring different media and looking at different cave paintings, we decided to create our final pictures using charcoal!

Number lines!

In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting three digit numbers. We practised using practical equipment and exchanging ten ones for one ten when needed. We then drew number lines to show our calculations.


In English we have been looking at the text 'Stig on the dump'. As part of our work, we wanted to create a description of the cave within the story. We have been thinking of interesting adjectives in order to describe the cave. We then used a thesaurus to find synonyms in order to make our writing even more exciting! We cannot wait to this exciting vocabulary in our writing!


In PE we have been enjoying learning how to play netball! So far we have learned the chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass. We are now going to be putting these skills into practice by playing a mini game!


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