Respect             Compassion     Resilience  

Fellowship          Trust


Welcome to the Church School Council part of our website.

We are a group of around twelve willing volunteers who meet at least twice a week to help to keep the spiritual side of the school alive.

Our priority is the school’s collective worship. We start our worship when we receive a candle from each class at the worship table. This provides a calm focus on our journey to the hall and brings a feeling of spirituality and welcome to God. It is our job to choose the hymns and often to say the prayers. At least once a term, we take a whole collective worship, and we work closely with the church clergy who visit at least once a week to take the worship.

We are very fortunate to have our Reflective Garden, we use this during break times and classroom as part of our everyday learning, worship, prayer and as opportunities to be reflective, calm and to feel at one with God.

We strongly value our links with the church and so far this year we have had a number of special events coming up!


Remembrance Day

On Friday 10th Novemeber a small number of school councilors from St Thomas's and Wyberton had the opportunity to present a wreath at the Wide Bargate War memorial service. The children showed their respects and got to meet key figures from the Salvation Army and also met the Mayor who commended them on their behaviour during the service. They were lucky enough to share the expeience with other schools, alongside members of the public and war veterans. 

Black History Week

To introduce our Black History week and celebrate our theme of diversity, old and new members of the school council worked together to create an assembly for KS1 and KS2. They carefully chose a Bible story and put together a script with a drama that would convey the message, we should always be kind to one another no matter what our differences. This was their first time in front of an audience this year and although they were very nervous, they performed well and enjoyed themselves! 


Respect, compassion,  endurance, fellowship and trust are our school’s core values, and so are fundamental to the way our school operates. These form the foundation on which we perform, work and conduct ourselves.

As they are all equal in  importantance to each other - they are taught side by side as well as singling them out at certain times of the year.

Challenging Sterotypes through Fellowship

On Monday Mrs Riglin led our Collective Worship.The children were able to discuss what fellowship meant to them and how they felt they were able to demsonstrate love, care and thoughtfulness to others. We learnt that all of us are unique in every way and that lots of us have a variety of skills and interests. The school decided that we should get to know someone before making an assumption. Before concluding  with a prayer espeically written by Chloe, the children watched a video - observing children working with the elderly.


Being called by God

Reverend Jane led a special Collective Worship today thinking about Jesus' way of life and how he managed to get others to trust in him. The children heard the story about Jesus and the fishermen. The children learned how Jesus wanted to tell others about God's work. He wanted them to have a relationship with God. He encouraged Peter to go back out to fish. Although Peter was reluctant, he eventually agreed. James and John joined them and they took their boat out into the middle of the lake. Jesus told them to throw their nets out into the middle of the lake. Suddenly the boat began rocking with the weight of the fish. It was at this point they decided to become fishermen of people.