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The Class Teacher is Mrs Shepherd and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Clarke.


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This week we have our Nativity performances and are very excited to show our parents and carers how hard we have worked. Also this week we are going to be looking at the story 'The Snowman' and in maths we are looking at 3D shapes, learning how to name and describe them.

Christmas is Beginning

We have begun to create our Christmas Hoop, we have been using our fine motor skills by dipping sections of string and wool in PVA glue and wrapping it around balloons to create a sphere shape. In PE we have moved on to Gymnastics and have begun to use the equipment to balence on, make body shapes on, jump off and travel along.

Road Safety

Today has been Road Safety Day, we spent time looking at different scenarios to do with road safety. We discussed the steps we take to keep oursleves safe when we cross the road, we look both ways, we hold an adults hand, we looks again and we listen at all times. We played a game where we had to listen to different vehicle sounds and guess what sort of transport belonged to the noise.

Afterwards we looked at the other elements of road safety, such as riding a bicycle. We understand the importance of wearing a helmet to protect our head and if we are out when it is not fully light we should wear bright colours and relfectors or lights so that other road users can see us.

Fire Engine Visit

Reception had an exciting visit from the fire engine. We had the chance to look and sit inside, we saw the hose in action squirting water across the carpark. We also had the chance to ask any questions we may have and learn about the many different roles the fire service have.

Once Upon a Time

Our first week back at school has literally gone off with a bang as we have been looking at all things 'fireworks'.

We have been looking at the creative side of fireworks in creating our own night times scene using paint and glitter, we have also been looking at the importance of staying safe around fireworks and bonfires.

We have looked at an image from the book 'Autumn' by Shirley Hughs depicting a fireworks display, we looked closely at the pictures and the children had the opportunity to talk about all the things that they may be able to see, hear or feel aswell as considering how the people watching the fireworks may have been feeling. 

In PE we have begun Gymnastics, this week we used our bodies to create different shapes which reflected different types of fireworks e.g sparkler, rocket, bonfire, flames etc.

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