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 Welcome to RK's Class page. Here you will be able to find out more informaton on the topics your child will be learning about and any events that will be taking place throughout the term. Photos will be added regularly of the exciting activities that the children have taken part in, as well as any websites that you may like to visit, to support your child with their learning at home. 

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Week 5- Chinese New Year

This week the children have been learning all about Chinese New Year and finding out how it is celebrated. The children have listened to the Chinese Zodiac Story and had a go at retelling it in the small world area. We have also been exploring money in Maths and making the right amounts using different coins. The children had to put the money into the correct Chinese lucky red envelopes. On Friday, the children had the opportunity to taste chinese food and generate vocabulary to describe how it tasted, what it looked like and what it smelt like. The children then wrote about it during Big Write. 



Week 3- Doubling and Space

This week the children have been learning all about doubling amounts and numbers. We have started the week by identifying the bugs that are doubles by counting the spots and seeing if they have the same amount on both sides. Throughout the week, the children will continue to explore doubling by using practical equpiment and will begin problem solving. 

In Literacy we have watched the video clip `Baboon on the Moon.` One of our activities this week was reading a recipe to make moonshine. The children had to think about the different ingredients which would help the moon shine and follow the instructions. Some children designed a rocket to help Baboon travel to Earth to make some friends. 


Term 3- The Earth and Beyond

Term 3- The Earth and Beyond


The Reception Team would like to welcome all the children back to school and we hope you all had a lovely and restful Christmas break. This term, the children will be learning all about the Earth and Space. During the first few weeks we will be focusing on The Poles and the season Winter. This will include looking at the oil painting `The Magpie`, where the children will create their own representation of the picture using chalk and the smudging technique. PE willt take place on Thursday afternoons and this week the children will get the opportunity to take part in a tennis taster session with a tennis coach. 


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Reception have started their week making Christingles with the help from members of St Thomas' Church. The children learnt all about each part of the Christingle and why it is an important part of the church calendar. After this session, the children then prepared for their Christmas craft, which will be available for parents and family members to buy at St Thomas' Christmas Fair. This year, Reception are creating their own melted snowman biscuits and are looking forward to decorating them tomorrow. 

This term the children have been very busy creating their own 3D models using wool and PVA glue. Everyone was set the task of wrapping the wool around a balloon using as much glue to help it stick. It was a very messy activity, which all the children enjoyed. RK's hoop will be hung in the main hall for everyone to see for tomorrow's lighting up assembly and the Christmas Fair. 



Dental Talk

Today Hannah from Smile Orthodontics came to visit Reception to talk about the importance of cleaning our teeth. The children discussed ways to keep our mouths healthy and how many times we need to brush our teeth a day. After the children practised brushing their teeth and used the teeth brushing tuff spot during their play. 

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