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 Welcome to RK's Class page. Here you will be able to find out more informaton on the topics your child will be learning about and any events that will be taking place throughout the term. Photos will be added regularly of the exciting activities that the children have taken part in, as well as any websites that you may like to visit, to support your child with their learning at home. 

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Term 5- Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find them

This term the children will be learning all about different animals from around the world and their habitats. During the first week, Reception will be reading the story of George and the Dragon and learning all about St George's Day. In our P.E lessons, we will be practicing competitive games in preperation for sports day. 

Reception's visit from the chicks

This week has been very exciting for Reception! On Tuesday, an incubator with 16 eggs was brought to St Thomas' and placed in the Reception area. The children were very excited as they got to observe the chicks hatching from the eggs. This has supported their learning on the life cycle of a chicken and all the children got to take part in a range of learning opportunities. On Monday, the children prepared for the chicks hatching by writing a party invitation to celebrate their birth and created a shopping list using their phonics. On Wednesday and Thursday the children completed a diary entry and wrote about the changes they had observed inside the incubator. 

Once the chicks had hatched, the children helped Miss Kelly look after them and prepare their brooder boxes. They understood that they had to be gentle with the chicks and show compassion. On Friday, it was Reception's parent event, where all the parents had the opportunity to see the chicks and look at all the wonderful work from the week. We would like to thank everyone who came to the after school event and hope you enjoyed the activities that were available. 




The Hungry Caterpillar

This week the children have focused their learning based on the story `The Hungry Caterpillar` by Eric Carle. In Maths, the children have been creating their own symmetrical butterflies using paint and 2D shapes. In Literacy, we have been exploring the life cycle of a caterpillar and all the children have been taking care of our very own class caterpillars. We are looking forward to observing the changes over the next couple of weeks. For our writing activity this week, all the children had the opportunity to create their own story book in the style of `The Hungry Caterpillar`. They all chose an animal to write about and the different fruits he ate on each day of the week. After, everyone got to read their book to their friends and talk about what they liked about the stories. 




World Book Day!

All the children looked fantastic on World Book Day! On this day, the children were given three stories that they had to read and then vote for their favourite. They then had to explain their reasons why. The stories that the children had to read were: The Last Wolf, Mr Wibbles and When I grow up. 


Term 4- All afloat on Noah's Boat

This term the children will be continuing to learn about different animals. We have started the term by reading the story of Noah's Ark. All the children have taken part in a number of activities such as retelling the story, painting their own raindrop by exploring colour mixing and writing descriptive sentences. In Maths, the children have started counting in 2s. For this the children have been counting wellies, socks and even preparing our ark with the correct number of animals. For the rest of this term, the children will continue to learn about God's creatures including minibeasts and life cycles. We will also be preparing for Easter and reading the Easter story. 

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