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Tennis Taster Session

Today Reception had the opportunity to experience a tennis session led by a coach. The children had to listen to and follow instructions, as well as take part in team games. After the warm up the children used the tennis rackets to dribble the ball around the cones and then took part in the skittles game. For this they were shown how to hold the racket correctly and had a go at hitting the ball over the net.







Term 3- Whatever the Weather

Term 3- Whatever the Weather 


Reception staff would like to welcome back all the children and parents and hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! 

Term 3 is underway and the topic the children will be focusing on is weather! We have already started discussing the different types of weather and over the next couple of weeks, the children will be reading the story Noah's Ark and learning about the importance of water, the impact of rain and what happens when there is a flood. 

In Maths the children have started to explore different coins and learning their values. In our role play area the children have enjoyed playing shops and using the correct vocabulary when buying different items. Over the term, the children will also begin to explore addition, postional vocabulary and 3d shapes. 




In the water area the children have been comparing the different coins and the materials they are made from. By using the magnets, the children are beginnning to understand the materials that are magnetic and the materials that are not. Throughout the term the children will become scientists and explore floating, sinking, freezing and melting. 

On Friday the children had the opportunity to walk around the school grounds and identified the sounds they could hear and the different objects they could see. This led to the discussion of how puddles are made and what happens when the sun comes out. In the afternoon the children enjoyed listening to and watching the rain fall. 




Messages for parents/carers: 

PE will take place on a Monday afternoon. 

Can all children please have wellies in school for our outdoor child intiated time in the afternoon.


Activities over the Christmas break

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break. Below are some links that the children can use at home to support them with their learning. 

Maths; Next term the children will be starting to explore money and understanding the value of each coin. 



Literacy: In Literacy the children will continue to segment and blend simple words. We will be exploring our set 2 and 3 sounds and starting our Big Write lessons. This will be when the children will be asked to write about a topic independently. 



Creating Patterns

This week the children have been exploring repeating patterns and have used a range of resources to make them. The children in Reception started by creating coloured patterns and then progressed onto shape patterns. Some children used the chalk outside to create their own repeating pattern and asked their friends to complete them.

Christmas Party!

The children have had a very exciting week! They have performed their Christmas Nativity `Hey Ewe` to KS2 and family members. All the children have worked extremely hard to learn the different songs and lines. Thank you to all the parents for your support with lines and providing costumes. We hope you enjoyed the performance.

On Thursday it was KS1's Christmas Party. The children enjoyed taking part in games and dancing to Christmas songs. They all had a visit from Father Christmas and got to take home a present.

The Reception team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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