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The Class Teacher is Mrs Morris and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bell.

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After a busy and fun autumn term the pupils have returned with a brilliant working attitude and are looking forward to grabbing every opportunity provided.Mrs Bell and Mrs Morris are impressed with the enthusiasm and eagerness with which the children have tackled their work.

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Running Wild


settings settings


Running Wild is the text we are studying this term. To support our writing or setting descriptions, we have painted the setting. We will then mind map information to gather descriptive phrases and sentences before beginning our descriptions.



Whisper Maths


To consolidate our learning with fractions, (adding and subtracting) 6M worked with partners to spot where others had gone wrong or calculate the answer. They all worked hard when the work was very demanding!

whsiper math whisper naths

whsiper math whisper naths


Running Wild

Freeze Frame and writing openings

The author Michael Morpurgo has inspired the children of 6M to create their very own openingslinked to the story of 'Running Wild'. Pretending and putting themselves in Will's shoes the children thought hard to imagine escaping from the beach during a tsunami. Look at the exciting work below. Mr Booth and Miss Sharples were very impressed too.

freeze framefreeze frane reward



Kodu Warriors


kodu  kodu

As part of the Computing curriculum, the children have been developing their own algorithms to ensure objects can move around the world they have created. The instructions have had to be very specific!

'I just love seeing it move where I wanted it to go to. This means I have programmed successfull!' Explained Keona.

Developing paragraphs

During our English work on Biographies, the children focussed on the content of their paragraphs. Through the tool kit, reading other examplesand building an opening and conclusion within a paragraph, the children soon understood the importance and relevance of doing so. It was a pleasure to read and mark their work.

'Using the traffic lights meant I split my paragraphs up in order to develop them. I understood how to develop coohesion through a paragraph-not just through a piece of work,' shared Tallulah.

 paragraph paragraph



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