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The Class Teacher is Mrs Morris and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bell.

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After a busy and fun autumn term the pupils have returned with a brilliant working attitude and are looking forward to grabbing every opportunity provided.Mrs Bell and Mrs Morris are impressed with the enthusiasm and eagerness with which the children have tackled their work.

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Adventure story

Wow - first week back and already the children have analysed a text and began writing their own openings using colons, semi-colons and varying the use of ellipis. The children were abke to use their zone of relevance to up level their vocabulary.

adventure story adventure story

adventure story

'I have used an ellipis to show cohesion and suspense through my wriitng,' explained Callum.

Mayan Mystery


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This term, Year 6 will be exploring the ancient civilisation of the Mayans. We will consider the geograpical elements as well as the traditions and rituals that the Mayans used. Watch out for some exciting topic work this term.

Year 6 senidng Easter wished to Boston Stump

easter book

Collating all the Easter poems and stunning art work into a book, 6M presented  Father Steve and Reverend Sue with a special collection of Easter reflections to be stored in the church. These poems will help others to pray or reflect about the Easter events.

Easter Art and Reflections

easter card

easter poem easter poem

easter poem

To show our understanding of Easter, the children have written their own poems in the perspective of Jesus, the cross or the nails. The children were particularly precise with their vocbaulary choices and layout of their poem. We were all movedby the emotive feelings they all generated. Well done Year 6.


This is piece of writing about evolution has blown the staff away. Not only is the content interesting, but the presentation is of an extremley high quality.

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