Welcome to 6C.

The Class Teacher is Miss Clark and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Webster.

Exercise and Pulses

Through our work on the circulatory system, the children have been working out how to take their own pulses and record them on a graph. This linked nicely with the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet.


VE Day

To conclude our topic of WW2, the children eagerly dressed up and spent the morning researching and preparing all the food, dances and information required for a VE celebration. It was wonderful to see the children performing the 'train' dance outside and children carefully decorating their cakes, preparing their sandwiches and thinking about the words of Winston Churchill.


War time

As part of our DT work this term, the children have been successful at designing, making and selling their own war time pickles and chutney at the Christmas Fair. It was excellent to see the skills of chopping, slicing and pouring as well as the design element of the labels. The children worked very hard developing them all and all felt extremely proud of their finished project!


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Music Mayhem

During this term Year 6 have explored 'Harmonies'. We learnt and peformed 3 beautiful harmonies at our Rememberance Service. Within our lessons, we have interpreted what we hear into both Watercolour art and narrative writing. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different harmonies and portraying emotions through their work.


Cross Curricular Maths

To demonstrate mastery within their topic, the children have been analysing and creating their own line graphs to explain the increasing and decreasing number of evacuees’ within Britain. The children enjoyed exploring, researching and sharing opinions about the numbers.

Remembrance Service

Year 6 led a special, reflective and thoughtful service for the school, using much of their own poetry and letters from the trenches that they have been learning about through their topic work. Having invited members and former members of the forces, the children certainly displayed a mature approach and manner in their delivery. The singing was stunning and the reflective thoughts certainly were moving for the audience. Well done Year 6!

Ben Day Calendar Art

Linking to our art topic this term, the children were very successful at designing their own calendars, in the style of Ben Day. It was amazing to see other people being able to pick out which calendar was which.

Developing Paragraphs

During our English work on Biographies, the children focussed on the content of their paragraphs. Through the tool kit, reading other examples and building an opening and conclusion within a paragraph, the children soon understood the importance and relevance of doing so. It was a pleasure to read and mark their work.