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The Class Teacher is Miss Clark and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Webster.


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Running Wild


Our topic over Term 3 and 4 has been Natural Disasters. Within our English lessons, we have been exploring a book written by one of Year 6's favourite authors- Michael Morpurgo. The book we have been reading both in English and as our class book is called, Running Wild. The children recreated their own versions of this imaginative story; about a little girl who was saved by an elephant during the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading his book. 

Earthquake Narratives


This term we have been exploring Natural Disasters. Throughout our topic lessons we have been discovering: what types of disasters can occur; how they are predicted and monitored; the affects of each disaster(both on the environment and the people) and how tectonic plates, that the crust is made up of, are the cause of most disasters. We have used our knowledge and understanding of earthquakes and the Mercalli Scale to create a narrative based on the day in the life of an earthquake. The children were really imaginative and wrote some very funny stories. 

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it!"

Our English topic has been newspapers this term. We have continued to have a strong link with our Natural Disasters topic. We have developed our knowledge of the features of newspapers to create our own based on a natural disaster. Some of the Disasters children chose to write about were: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and wild fires. We have focussed on the formality of our writing and how we can embed these skills within our newspaper reports. This can be done through the technical vocabulary, the witness's speech and the structure of our sentences. The children have enjoyed combining both English and Topic and this can be seen through the factual information in their reports.

Natural Disasters

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Over Terms 3 and 4, we have been exploring the processes of evolution, why adaptation is important and writing our own Charles Darwin inspired journals.