Welcome to 5S. We are a fantastic group of children who pride ourselves on our demonstration of the school core values in all that we do. Representing many different languages and cultures within our classroom, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Italian to name but a few, we embrace the individuality of every pupil to work as a team effectively.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Smith and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Cross. We look forward to you joining us on our learning throughout the year.

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

We can't wait to get started on our learning journey for the final term in Year 5. Exploring the Ancient Greeks through literature, history and art we will also do some time travelling in French.

Investigating forces will allow us to get outside to conduct our experiments, along with time in our reflective garden to think about the importance of health and wellbeing in PSHE.

Religions in our neighbourhood will be compared to those represented in bigger cities around the UK and the world, as we look at the different Christian denominations seen in Boston, comparing their similarities and differences.

In music we will be exploring the different music groups that make up the orchestra and refining our recorder playing.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you over this term where we hope there will be plenty of opportunities to get outside!

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Research in Action

We have enjoyed researching different ways to improve our learning.

Spaced learning- working in pairs in a morning we test each other on our focus times tables to uimprove our recall, We can then transfer this knowledge into our daily maths work.

Vocabulary Ninja- this has helped us to improve our vocabualry, look at the meaning of words and apply these words readily into our written work. Looking at antonymns, synonyms and other words in each word family has proved a valuable discussion tool first thing in the morning, getting us all ready to learn!

Watercolour Mastery

After creating work before Christmas based on the watercolour work of Monet, we decided to show our mastery of this skill by applying it to create Easter cards. We love the way we can create the mood of the scene by carefully choosing colours for the sky. Reflective. Moody. Sad. Vibrant. Sorrowful. Whihc words would you use to descrobe the mood created?


As we begin our elarning about fractions once more, we were challenged to create our own fraction walls, ensuring that we were accurate with our strips, can you see the concentration and determination on our faces?

Mother's Day Art

Now it is after the event, we would love to share with you our completed Mother's Day cards. Inspired by Peter Thopre, we created designs of flowers in his style. Using different mediums to create backgrounds we then added the flower on top, taking our designs from observational drawings made.

World Book Day



We had great fun in school celebrating World Book Day (even if it was late). We explored a picture book set in Egypt and produced some great writing about the Life of Ahmed and his secret. Dressing up as our favourite book characters we discussed our favourite authors and illustrators too.world book day

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