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The Class Teacher is Mrs Smith and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Cross.

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Malala's Magic Pencil

After watching Penguin Live we were inspired by the book of Malala's Magic Pencil. This also built on our work about Malala and her fight for education for all earlier in the term. We then reflected on what we would do with a magic pencil and how we could use it to change the world for the better.

Measuring Angles

In maths we have been identifying angles, measuring them accurately using a protractor and drawing them. After drawing them in isolation we then began to use our knowledge of angles in quadrilaterals to begin to draw shapes accurately according to their properties. During this work we also revisited our work on lines, parallel and perpendicular and how they are used in different shapes.

Inspired by Monet

This term we have explored the work of Monet. After refining our use of watercolours we used them to create calendars in the impressionist style and to create Bethlehem town scenes for our Christmas cards.


What an amazing experience! Not only did we get to make Christingles in school this year, we also got to take them to church to experience a wonderful Christingle service as a federation.

After making christingles in school, revisiting the symbolism of each part, we then took them to St Botolphs Church in town and had a great service of reflection whihc really kickstarted our Christmas celebrations in school.

Testing solubility

In science we have been testing the solubility of different materials, thinking carefully about the vocabulary we are using to describe what is happening.

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