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The Class Teacher is Mrs Gent and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Gray.

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Playing the ocarina

During our first lesson playing the ocarina, we have shown fellowship and resilience to be able to play the notes D, A and B. We throughly enjoyed working together to build up our partner's confidence to ensure that the whole class was successful in playing a simple tune. 



The day the Iron Man came....





The Iron Man fell to Earth in our school grounds... how did he get there? Nobody knows. What are his motives? Nobody knows.....

By examining the wreckage, we were able to ask questions and draw inferences before moving on to query the actions and events that followed.

What should we do? 

Monet in art this term...

This term, our focus has been on Monet's artwork. Throughought this term, we have developed our use of watercolour paints in our sketchbooks. 


Cinderella at Blackfriar's

What a fantastic time we had at the pantomime this year! Here is what some of 5G had to say about the show....


"My favourite part is when there are ghosts in the woods and they snatch the characters one at a time."

"I want a costume just like one of the evil step-sisters' because they were out of this world!"

Exploring how language creates characters...

In English we have been reading The Hobbit, both the original text and the graphic novel. As we have met different characters, we have unpicked how Tolkien uses different sentence structures and language to differentiate between them. Bilbo speaks in mostly simple sentences whereas Thorin uses complex sentences. We have also mastered our understanding of standard and nonstandard English when writing speech for the trolls!




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