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The Class Teacher is Miss Harrison and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Stanley.

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Looking ahead to Terms 5 and 6

We are very excited about next term - we'll be learning all about Inventors and Explorers! We have our very own famous local explorer, Matthew Flinders who explored Australia 200 years ago, so will be finding out more about him and his life. This will link to our Geography topic of rivers, in which we will be learning about bot physical features and human settlements. In English and Guided Reading our focus will be on journeys and travelling.

Please encourage your child to read over the Easter holidays! Our Twitter challenge is still on-gong - get caught reading! Wherever you may be you could be reading a book, so take a photo and put it in Twitter for the whole class to share.

Reading is at the heart of all the learning we do in school so why no0t try online games to engage your child if they lack enthusiasm sometimes?


If you are not sure what books to try with your child perhaps try a website like the Book People, who offer suggested reading lists for all ages (and also have very reasonable prices!).

There is no such thing as a child who hates to read,there are only children who have not found the right book. - Frank Serafini.

Terrible Tudors

Today we had our Terrible Tudors Theme Day.

Many of our children, came dressed as Tudors and we all had a fantastic day.

Look at our incredible costumes!

We had to calcualate the cost of meals for a rich Tudor banquet and a poor Tudor banquet.

We had to use Maths skills to budget and calcualte the meal for the correct amount of people and for the type of meal that would be served.

Later on, we even investigated a range of 'poo'. We explored the food matters to be able to identify the historical period which the poo had originated.

Messy but great fun!

Buzzing around St Botolphs

What a fantastic day we've had.

Today, we have visited St Botolphs church-known as The Stump.

We were learning about how Tudor Life was different to now and how the Tudor era is reflected in the stump.

We were fortunate enough to hear and sing Tudor music and to also research the stained glass windows in the building.

We loved learning about the cotton chapel and the history of Boston, that can be found in the building.

Thankyou to Mr Ford and everyone at St Botolphs.

Goldilocks and the three bears

We had a surprise waiting for us in the classroom this morning. A scene from a fairy tale was waiting...

We used the clues - three bowls of porridge, a broken chair and three beds - to work out that he story was Goldilocks and the three bears.


Tudor Music

With Mr Ford, we have started learning about Tudor Music and the Renaissance.

Using tuned instruments, we experimented with notation and performance.

Here are some pieces of information we have found out:

We can't wait to perform our Tudor Assembly on Wednesday 7th February at 9.50am.

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