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The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Favell.

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Getting ready for Sports Day!

We spent our lesson before Sports Day preparing and practising some of the events in which we will be participating on monday. We helped each other by observing when we weren't actually racing, and offering feedback and advice on how to improve.


We hope you can join us Monday afternoon, to watch as we show off our speed and skills!

Father's Day Reading Morning

It was wonderful to have so many fathers join us for a Reading morning just before Father's Day. The children love having their parents in school and it is a valuable opportunity for adults and children to share reading for pleasure.


Anyone for a holiday?

We have been busy learning and applying techniques for persuasion. Following our introduction to the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom', in which the main character sets off to sail around the world with his mum and dad, we developed an advertisement persuading people to go on holiday. We wrote our own script and then presented our work in the form of a voiceover to a video.


We did very well working in our small groups, remembering to include the RASE techniques - Repetition, Alliteration, Statistics and Emotive language, and collaborating to make the most of our best ideas.

A fun filled Pyjama Day

We had lots of fun coming in to school in our pyjamas to celebrate our love of reading. We brought in our teddies as well as our favourite books to share.


In English we read a traditional tale - The Little Red Hen - and as a class we changed details and improved it using our taught skills - fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses, adverbs and prepositions to create an amazing class book. This masterpiece is called The Miniature Silver-grey Koala and is available for any parents who would like to see it.


Putting Maths into practise in PE

We used maths skills in our PE lesson, while practising jumping for distance. The measurements taken showed that everyone made progress from their first effort to their last, showing how technique and practise help improve performance.

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