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The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Favell.

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Super Science!

We had great fun recreating the human digestive system in our classroom. We all had a turn squeezing the bag full of crackers, banana, orange juice and water, mimicking the actions of the stomach. With lots of cries of "yuck!" we squeezed the mixture through tights (the small intestine!) and watched in fascination as it dripped out into the 'body'. Everyone had a turn pushing the leftover mush out showing what happens when you go to the toilet. Riley said that was his favourite bit! Everyone could recount the journey of food through our bodies afterwards, using the correct scientific vocabulary.

Tudor portraits

We discussed the important elements of a portrait such as proportion,colour, detail, setting and texture. We used guidelines to help us balance the proportion, mixed our colours to ensure they were as close as possible to the original portraits and chose appropriate sized paintbrushes for different sections. We think you'll agree we did a wonderful job!

Busy day writing reports!

We had a busy English lesson writing non-chronological reports about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. We had lots of fun creating these reports, as well as putting into practise all the writing skills we have learned this term. Some of us focused so hard on our handwriting (with beautiful results!), we went to show our work to Miss Sharples and received a head of School award!  

Some drama to finish the term!

We finished the term by combining drama with music. We loved watching Potter Pals (it is very funny) to understand ostinato - a repeated pattern of notes. We noticed the repeated phrases - In this case Harry Potter names - then worked in groups to create our own version with the names of Henry VIII wives in preparation for our topic next term - The Terrible Tudors! Some of us then performed our musical pieces to the rest of the class, incorporating actions to show what happened to each of the wives.  



On Thursday, we created our Christingle oranges, remembering what each part of it represents, in preparation for the church service on Friday. We behaved impeccably as our candles were lit during the service, while contemplating the Reverand's words about Jesus the Light of the World. We were very proud as one of our class sang a solo of Away in a Manger, he was so brave volunteering to sing in front of such a large audience!


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