Welcome to 3F.

The Class Teacher is Miss Ferguson and the Teaching Assistant is Ms Heighton.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

I hope you have had a lovely break over the Easter holidays.

We now have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please remember to bring an outdoor PE kit and trainers.


This term, 3F are going to be looking at athletics in our PE lessons. We started the term by looking at running races and how they should be started. We learnt that starting a race facing the way you are going to be running and preparing yourself is the best way. Here are some pictures of us trying out different ways to start races.

Poetry Performances

For our first week back in school, we looked at some forms of poetry. We mainly focused on Kennings, which are description poems. Over the week we planned and wrote our very own Kennings based on an animal that we had chosen. We were then given the opportunity to perform these poems to a partner and then to the whole class. Here are some pictures of us performing our poems to our partners.

Term 5

Next term 3F will be looking at:

Maths - Fractions and Measurement

English - Poems and Newspaper

Science - Aminlas including Humans

History - Ancient Egypt

RE - Hinduism

PE - Athletics

PSHE - Health and Well Being

Music - Ukuleles

French - Fruit and Vegetables

Computing - Emails

DT - Fruit Crumble

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday!

Fantastic Fractions

Over the last few weeks, Year 3 have been looking at fractions! We have been concentrating on recognising a fraction of a shape, being able to add fractions with the same denominator and then we moved onto tenths. Here are some pictures of us creating tenths in as many different ways as possible.

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