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The Class Teacher is Miss Warner and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Eede.

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Nocturnal Animals

The children all worked very hard on their nocturnal animal projects! We enjoyed a show and tell session where the children discussed and answered questions from the other children about what animal they had chosen and how they made their shelters! 

Andy Goldsworthy

In Year 2 we have recently been studying the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children were given photos of his sculptures to annotate and think about how they were made, what materials were used and what they might symbolise. The children then used these ideas to go on a nature walk and create their own sculptures in pairs using natural materials! 

Pole to Pole

Our latest topic in Year 2 is Pole to Pole. The children have been startig to learn about the North and South Pole and comparing the two places. In a recent topic lesson, the children were given ipads and their own reserach books so that they could find interesting facts about different polar animals and make notes about them. The children enjoyed sharing their facts with one another and doing their own independent reserach! 

Lost and Found

In keeping with our Polar theme, we have been reading the story about a lost penguin from the South Pole who comes to make friends with a young boy. The children loved the story and to help them retell it they acted out scenes from the book and tried to use ambitious vocabularly to describe what was happening. We might make actors out of them one day! 

Pudsy Visits Year 2

Today the children were extremely excited to see a familair yellow bear and enjoyed their visit from Pudsy! The children took part in themed 'spots' activities, including dressing up in bright colours and spots as well as helping to rasie money for Children in Need by participating in the bake sale!

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