Welcome to 2S.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Stockwell and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Fixter.

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We hope the children are enjoying designing and making their 3D London Buildings, we can't wait to see them on 18th April.

Year Two have been working hard this term and the staff are super proud of their efforts and progress!

We hope all the children and their families have a wonderful Easter Break!

Year Two will continue to learn about London next term and will be investigating The Great Fire of London and will understand how London has chaned over time.  If you would like to startyour research early, please use the link below.



Mother's Day Reading Morning

Creative writing

The end of a busy term

Year 2 working hard

Children have been applying their recall of the three timetables through our spaced learning method!

2S are being detectives trying to solve puzzles and distinguish the differences betweens the two poles.