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The Class Teacher is Mrs Tiwari and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Denby.


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This week we are beginning to look at division. Today we have started by learning how to share equally. We have been using practical equipment and the iPads to help support our learning.


Today we have begun to look at the differences between fiction and non-fiction books. We looked at lots of different books and talked about the features of them.

Design and Technology

Before we begin to make our own puppets we have been exploring the different types of puppets that you can use and looking at the criteria needed when creating a puppet. We watched different clips of how puppets are used and discussed our own favourite puppets.

Boston Tennis Club

Today we had the opportunity to learn some tennis skills. Coaches from 'The Boston Tennis Club' came into deliver a lesson for our children . The children really enjoyed the opportunity they were given to play skittles and learn how to hold a tennis racket correctly.




We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and we can not wait to hear about the magical experiences from your children.

This term P.E. will be taught on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Can you please ensure your child has some warm trousers and tracksuit top with them as sometime they will be going outside.


Today we have been looking at different objects to find out if they float or sink. We had to choose an object, make a prediction as to whether it would float or sink and then test it.



Today we have been learning how to make different shapes with our bodies. We had to rock on different parts of our bodies and make shapes by tucking our legs and arms in.



We began our Maths learning this term  with addition and have now moved it forward to learning all about repeated addition to help us multiply.



Today we have been using the paint application to paint a picture and then we had to change the colour. We used different shapes to create a picture.


Today we have been learning how to control a ball with our feet. We had to dribble a ball using small taps of our feet. We then moved our learning forward by dribbling the ball around some cones.


In Science we will be learning about animals, their habitats and diet. Hisory will be continuing with toys where the children will be given the opportunity to compare their own new toys with those from the past. This will be linked with DT where the children will be sewing their own toy puppet.


In R.E. we shall be learning about Judaism and looking at the different religious artefacts linked with their religion.



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