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Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Chalk

Welcome to 1A's class page. Here you can find out what we have been up to in class, how we are getting on with our learning as well as photos of our adventures! We will also share useful links to websites for things the children could have a go at, at home, to support with their learning in class.

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Trip to the Arctic

As part of our non-fiction writing, 1A were very excited to take a trip to the arctic! We listened to the icy wind howling, we looked at the shimmering ice and we felt the slippy icebergs and slushy snow for ourselves. All the children were very excited to experience the snow and ice for themselves. They used the experience to build a fantastic wordbank of adjectives. We worked in small groups to explore the arctic further and uplevel our vocabulary choices.


Tiny Teachers

Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Chalk were very proud of our year 1 maths teachers. 1A have been tackling the tricky concept of division which has been a challenge for everyone. It is great to see the children showing our value of fellowship as they support and encourage each other through a challenge.

Here you can see the children explaining their understanding to others in order to help their peers to develop their maths skills.

We are all working hard!

1A have been very busy already with everyone already trying their hardest in all areas of learning.

We have already produced some wonderful writing. Some of this can be seen on our new Year 1 display.


Computing has gone down well with year 1 who are enjoying the Paint programme on the laptops. They had a lot of fun exploring the different tools as they tried to make their own gingerbread house. Next we will be moving on to learning about individual tools and what we can do with them.


Maths started with a challenge as the children have a go at applying their problem solving skills to word problems. Here we are using numberlines to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Tennis Taster - 11.1.18

Today we welcomed Boston Tennis Club into school. All the children had the opportunity to take part in some exciting activities that linked to the skills needed to play tennis.

Here we are having a go at using a racket to get the ball over the net.

Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Chalk were very proud of all the children for the enthusiasm they showed when taking part, the effort they put in to each of the activities and the fantastic manners they showed to our coaches.

Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome back to school and the start of the Spring term. Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Chalk have enjoyed hearing about the wonderful time all the children had over the Christmas holiday.

Year 1 have got another busy term ahead and we are all very impressed with how well the children have settled in and got started. Everyone is working very hard!



Year 1 are beginning their English lessons this term and our focus is going to be on building sentences which make sense using capital letters and full stops. Some of us will also be adding in conjunctions to extend our ideas and add more detail.



As well as developing our understanding of place value further, we will be continuing to work on methods for addition and subtraction. We will also be beginning to learn about multiplication and division.



Following on from term 2 we will be carrying on with Toys as we now develop our historical enquiry skills and make comparisons between old and new toys. This will be linked to our DT where we will be finding out about how puppets are made as we prepare to design and make our own.



Animals is the focus of our science this term. We are going to build on our knowledge of animals by learning about the names of the different groups e.g. reptiles, mammmals, and birds. We will make comparisons between the groups and look at the features which make each group special and unique.



Year 1 are very excited to have the laptops out as we learn to use the paint programme. We are going to be exploring the different features of the programme and what we can do using the tools. Children will be learning to make shapes and fill them in with colour.

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